Institutional News

17 Dec 2014

ELIXIR coordinates the storage, access and development of the software needed to understand biological data

Six institutions coordinated through the INB, whose central node is hosted at the CNIO, will participate in the European infrastructure 

12 Dec 2014

15 million euros to recruit the most talented young scientists to the 
“Severo Ochoa” Centres of Excellence

Since 2008 IRB Barcelona has participated in the fellowship programme run by this banking organisation



9 Dec 2014

This award is in recognition of the commitment of the centre to implement fair and transparent recruitment and evaluation policies for research staff.

The seal marks the pledge to conserve excellence and to work towards the implementation of a strategic plan with continuous evaluation. 

17 Nov 2014

30% of human proteins exert their function in cell membranes and more than 50% act on these proteins.

New high-resolution microscopes and 3D calculation programmes are crucial to increase the number of atomic structures available, which currently stands at 440, this figure representing 3% of the estimated 15,000 that exist.

Today sees the start of a three-day conference in Barcelona involving 150 international scientists invited by the BBVA Foundation and IRB Barcelona.

14 Nov 2014

IRB Barcelona, in collaboration with the PCB, will be participating in three activities in the 19th Science Week.

Given in the facilities of the centre and in premises of the building “La Pedrera”, the educational activities will be guided by PhD students at IRB Barcelona.

6 Nov 2014

Launch of the fourth edition of the IRB programme “Teachers and Science”, promoted by the “Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera”, with workshops developed especially for teachers.

On 7 and 8 November, 15 science teachers will be trained first-hand by 12 IRB researchers in cancer, metastasis and personalized medicine.

The objective of the workshops is to improve science education and boost passion for science among students.

4 Nov 2014

The charity organisation headed by sommelier Xavi Ayala is set to organise the second “Vi per Vida” wine-tasting event for 440 participants on Saturday 29 November in Calella.

For 5 Euros, participants will have the opportunity to taste several wines from with distinct DOs and to sample dishes prepared by catering students from the “Institut Bisbe Sivilla” in Calella.

The proceeds of the event will go to IRB Barcelona, where advanced projects are being developed on metastasis, which causes 90% of deaths by cancer.

The Town Hall of Calella, the “Institut Català de la Vinya i el Vi”, and figures such as Carme Ruscalleda, Quim Masferrer, and Pilarín Bayés will be joining the initiative.

16 Oct 2014

The Spanish Ministry of Science and Competitivity has recognized “exceptional contributions to the field of oncology.”

13 Oct 2014

Scientists at IRB Barcelona have produced a dance video that aims to boost awareness of their research into medical advancements, treatments and search for cures, as well as to advance recruitment efforts of new scientists and graduate students, and attract much-needed philanthropic support.

“This is a pioneering initiative in Europe for a centre devoted to basic research. Using a fun, friendly, and community-spirited approach, we highlight the fundamental role that science plays in society’s well-being, and take a look at some of the critical work that we do at IRB,” explains Joan Guinovart, founder and director of the institute, which was set up in 2005.

See video #IRBdances

3 Oct 2014

Catalan biotech has won the Expoquimia R+D+I Award in the Biotechnology category for the development of IPR19, a new drug to stop the progression and reverse the cognitive deficits associated with schizophrenia.

The spin-off, founded by two IRB Barcelona scientists leaders in the field of therapeutic peptides, Teresa Tarrago and Ernest Giralt, expect to begin clinical trials of the compound in 2016.

Endowed with € 5,000 in each of their two categories -Biotechnology and Chemistry- the Expoquimia R+D+I Awards were delivered yesterday during the World Chemical Summit Night as part of the Expoquimia Exhibit at the Fair of Barcelona grounds.