Institutional News

28 Jan 2015

The IRB Barcelona programme is aimed at students in the fourth year of their degree and is launched offering four fellowships.

The students selected will work on a research project for seven months under the supervision of a group leader.

Tens of students, from secondary school to university level, pass through IRB Barcelona each year to train in biomedicine.

27 Jan 2015

The goal of «Spark» is to carry out the first preclinical stage of the development of a first-in-class drug that will prevent, stop and reverse the progression of cognitive impairment associated with schizophrenia and other mental disorders, and to be able to start first-in-humans trials by 2016

The project, which has just won a 500,000 euro endorsement  from the Ministry of Economy and Finance through the “Retos-Colaboración” (Challenges-Collaboration) subprogram- will be developed by a consortium led by the biotech Iproteos -located at the Parc Cientific de Barcelona- and comprised by the company Ascil-Biopharm, IRB Barcelona, the Centre for Genomic Regulation and the University of the Basque Country

Currently there is no drug targetting the cognitive impairment associated with schizophrenia, the third most disabling disease even above paraplegia and blindness- according to the WHO and that affects about 24 million people worldwide. It is also the fifth disease with a higher annual cost to society, with more than 35,000 million euros cost only in the Europe Union

20 Jan 2015

The project, led by the scientist Raquel Batlle, receives a grant of 60,000 €.

The study will determine the potential of p38 protein as a therapeutic target or as a diagnostic indicator in colorectal cancer.

16 Jan 2015

On Friday 9 January in a ceremony held in Mont Sant Benet, the Catalunya la Pedrera Foundation welcomed the 172 students enrolled on one of the seven “Crazy about Science” courses, in which eight research centres in Catalonia are involved.

Forerunner of the “Crazy about Science” Programme, “Crazy about Biomedicine” enters its third year and seeks to stimulate scientific talent among secondary school students.

31 Dec 2014

The project, led by Natàlia Carulla, has been awarded funds from “La Marató de TV3” initiative held in 2013.

The project, which will be undertaken over three years, aims to verify a new therapeutic target to fight Alzheimer’s.

22 Dec 2014

Two Barcelona-area schools donate proceeds from their Christmas charity actions to the Institute for Research in Biomedicine.

The initiatives are a result of the campaign to raise awareness and funding that began with the launch of the IRB Barcelona dance video in October.

17 Dec 2014

ELIXIR coordinates the storage, access and development of the software needed to understand biological data

Six institutions coordinated through the INB, whose central node is hosted at the CNIO, will participate in the European infrastructure 

12 Dec 2014

15 million euros to recruit the most talented young scientists to the 
“Severo Ochoa” Centres of Excellence

Since 2008 IRB Barcelona has participated in the fellowship programme run by this banking organisation



9 Dec 2014

This award is in recognition of the commitment of the centre to implement fair and transparent recruitment and evaluation policies for research staff.

The seal marks the pledge to conserve excellence and to work towards the implementation of a strategic plan with continuous evaluation. 

17 Nov 2014

30% of human proteins exert their function in cell membranes and more than 50% act on these proteins.

New high-resolution microscopes and 3D calculation programmes are crucial to increase the number of atomic structures available, which currently stands at 440, this figure representing 3% of the estimated 15,000 that exist.

Today sees the start of a three-day conference in Barcelona involving 150 international scientists invited by the BBVA Foundation and IRB Barcelona.