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05 Aug 2014

Drosophila as a model for biomedical research

Catalunya Ràdio

Marco Milán (Development and Growth Control Lab) interviewed in Catalunya Ràdio about the uses of Drosophila melanogaster for biomedical reseacher. IRB Barcelona is a pioneer in the use of flies to study human conditions like cancer and genetic diseases.


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05 Aug 2014

Wasp venom for cancer therapy

La Opinión A Coruña

Several media echo on the research lead by Ernest Giralt focused on the use of wasp venom as a strategy to kill cancer cells selectively.






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04 Aug 2014

IRB researchers design a new wasp venom therapy against breast cancer

Agencia SINC

News of the Spanish Scientific News Agency, SINC Agency, on a study perfomed at Ernest Giralt's lab with wasp venom to desing a new therapyagainst breast cancer.

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