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Postdoctoral Fellow

«One of my goals when choosing IRB Barcelona was also to gain experience in tech transfer. I have ideas. And I want to learn how to convert them into a business.»

Research Associate

«Controlling a biological process from outside is the future of chemistry and opens up promising roads for advancements in pharmacological research.»

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Postdoctoral Fellow

«At IRB Barcelona I found a solid scientifc project, and the opportunity to 'contaminate' myself working with biophysicists. The solvency of the Institute, the competitiveness of the science together with the unparalleled quality of lifeof the city convinced me that this was the best choice for my career.»

Postdoctoral Fellow

«The research quality at IRB Barcelona is very high, and the good weather is a bonus! I also had first-class help from the Institute to get settled in.»


9 Jul 2014

At present, Alzheimer’s disease (AD) cannot be prevented, it is typically diagnosed only at an advances stage, and there is currently no drug on the market that can slow its progression.

2 Jun 2014

A team of scientists led by Roger Gomis, ICREA researcher and head of the

28 Mar 2014

TVE reports on the recent study on colorectal cancer published in Cancer Cell by Angel R.

27 Mar 2014

A team headed by Angel R. Nebreda at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB) identifies a dual role of the p38 MAPK protein in colon cancer.


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