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Core Facilities & Services

Core Facilities & Services

Advanced Digital Microscopy (ADM) Core Facility

Julien Colombelli

Julien Colombelli

Core Facility Manager

Office Tel : +34 93 40 20451

e-mail : julien.colombelliirbbarcelona.org


The Advanced Digital Microscopy (ADM) Core Facility was inaugurated in January 2009. The facility is committed to providing a complete range of light microscopy imaging systems and techniques to researchers at IRB Barcelona and other institutions at the Barcelona Science Park (PCB), and visiting scientists. The facility provides full-time access to state-of-the-art conventional and laser-based microscopes, as well as assistance in advanced imaging techniques for image processing, and data interpretation and presentation.

In partnership with the PCB, the facility provides full-time access to:

  • Conventional transmission and epifluorescence microscopy and motorised fluorescence macroscopy
  • Spectral confocal microscopy, including FRAP, FRET, photoactivation and multiphoton microscopy
  • Spinning disk confocal microscopy
  • 'High Content Screening' automated microscopy equipped with TIRF microscopy
  • Laser nanosurgery of living cells and organisms combined with FRAP
  • Image processing workstations

The ADM is also involved in developing research instrumentation and implements light-sheet-based fluorescence microscopy.

For further information, contact the ADM manager at julien.colombelliarrobairbbarcelona.org or microscopyarrobairbbarcelona.org

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