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Cell & Developmental Biology

Foto Celula

The Cell and Developmental Biology Programme addresses the issues of how cells are organised in time and space, and how multicellular organisms develop from a single cell. These two subjects are now-a-days tightly interlaced as developmental biologists are becoming interested in the cellular basis of development and cell biologists are focusing on problems that are relevant to the developing organism.

The programme gathers a wide range of experimental themes, in order to provide a comprehensive view of research in this field. Concrete themes include cell communication, cell migration, and specification of compartment boundaries during development; cell division in development and disease, epigenetic regulation of chromatin structure and function; and the manipulation of gene translation for biomedical purposes. The model systems exploited by the research groups in the Programme include human parasites, C.elegans, Drosophila and mice. From a methodological perspective, the Programme activities are frankly multi-disciplinary, combining modern molecular biology, classical genetics, biochemistry, advanced microscopy and state-of-the-art genomic and proteomic approaches.

Programme coordinator

Marco MilŠn Marco MilŠn
Group Leader
Office Tel: +34 93 40 34902
e-mail: marco.milanirbbarcelona.org


Programme Staff

Programme Secretary
Martha Brigg
Office Tel: +34 93 40 20258

Programme Technician
Ainoa Olza
Office Tel: +34 93 40 39757

Services offered by the Cell and Developmental Biology Programme

Drosophila Injection Service

Scientific publications search

Scientific publications search

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Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona)

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