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Foto Oncologia

The Oncology Programme aims to improve the prognosis, prevention and treatment of cancer by studying the basic principles of development of this disease. Research groups in the Oncology Programme focus on the diverse aspects of tumour initiation and progression, with special emphasis on the mechanisms responsible for the acquisition of malignancy, the relationship between stem cells and cancer, and the identification of the programmes that drive tissue-specific metastasis.

Collaboration agreements with several oncology and pathology units of hospitals in the metropolitan area of Barcelona facilitate the translation of basic research into clinically relevant diagnostic and therapeutic tools. This programme is expected to grow to include a total of 7-8 research groups.

Programme coordinator

Eduard Batlle Eduard Batlle
Group Leader
Office Tel: +34 93 40 39008
e-mail: eduard.batlleirbbarcelona.org


Programme Staff

Secretaria de Programa
Cristina Méndez
Office Tel: +34 93 40 34716

Scientific publications search

Scientific publications search

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Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona)

Parc Científic de Barcelona Parc Científic de Barcelona

C/ Baldiri Reixac 10
08028 Barcelona - Spain
Tel: +34 93 402 02 50 | Fax: +34 93 403 71 14