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<p>Raquel and Àlex got married in May 2016. Picture: Mermelada Producciones</p>
26 Sep 2016

Alex and Raquel had a very special idea for their wedding ceremony. “Research can move forward only if we all support it,” they think.


<p>David Vilchez is the first recipient of the Alumni of Excellence Award.</p>
26 Sep 2016

Vilchez is the first IRB Barcelona alumnus to receive the “Alumni of Excellence Award”. He obtained his PhD at the Institute in 2008 and now runs his own group at the CECAD-Cluster of Excellence in Cologne, Germany.

<p>Organisation of the tracheal systems in Drosophila (A) and Tribolium (B)</p>
20 Sep 2016

Els canvis en la regulació de dos gens expliquen la forma més evolucionada del sistema respiratori de Drosophila a partir d’un sistema més primitiu

Publicat a la revista Development

<p>Joan J. Guinovart, director of the IRB Barcelona, Francisco Chavarri from Eppendorf, awardee David Vilchez and Ernest Giralt, member of the jury, in the presentation of the first Alumni of Excellence Award today (L.T. Barone, IRB Barcelona)</p>
16 Sep 2016

David Vilchez es va doctorar a l'IRB Barcelona el 2008 i fa tres anys que dirigeix ​​el seu propi laboratori a Alemanya, on ha obtingut una ERC Starting Grant.

La segona convocatòria per optar al guardó el 2017 s'obrirà properament.

<p>Beta amyloid protein and AD are strongly linked but the role of this protein in this disease remains elusive. Hippocampus of transgenic mice overexpressing amyloid beta. In blue, neuronal nuclei. In green, beta amyloid plaques (E.Verdaguer/S.Brox)</p>
13 Sep 2016

Científics de l’IRB Barcelona descriuen per primera vegada com preparar un agregat de proteïna beta-amiloide amb l’habilitat de perforar la membrana cel·lular

No es coneix encara què provoca la mort de neurones en l’Alzheimer així com el consegüent deteriorament cognitiu.

21 Jul 2016

Peter Jung was Postdoctoral Fellow in Eduard Batlle’s Colorectal Cancer lab between 2009 and 2015. Now he is Principal Investigator at the Institute of Pathology Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich. This institute is a partner site of the DKTK Cancer Consortium, coordinated by the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ). “Life and science are an on-going learning process with new challenges to encounter with every new project,” he says.

<p>Eva Novoa's mother receives the Young Researchers Award in her name</p>
21 Jul 2016

Eva Novoa was one of the first students to complete a PhD in as part of the ”la Caixa”/IRB Barcelona International PhD Programme in Biomedicine. She was a PhD student at IRB Barcelona between 2008 and 2012. Six months ago, she moved to Sydney, Australia to join the Garvan Institute of Medical Research as a Senior Research Officer. She just received the Young Research Award from the Catalan Society for Biology.

<p>Protein Androgen Receptor forms aggregatesthat damage muscle and motor neuron cells in Kennedy's Disease (B. Eftekharzadeh, IRB Barcelona)</p>
10 Jun 2016

La malaltia de Kennedy genera atròfia progressiva dels músculs, afecta només els homes i es manifesta entre els 40 i 50 anys. No té cap tractament específic.

Les cèl·lules musculars i les neurones motores es moren amb el pas dels anys perquè acumulen a dins una proteïna que els afectats tenen mutada.

Els investigadors de l’IRB Barcelona descobreixen que la proteïna porta incorporat un mecanisme que demora els efectes perniciosos de la mutació.

<p>Patricia Nadal was one of the people who took part in the IRB Barcelona's 10th anniversary video in 2015.</p>
27 Mai 2016

“I like new challenges, I like facing changes. I am not afraid to embark on a new adventure”. Academic Coordinator Patricia Nadal (Valencia, 1984) said these words in May when she left IRB Barcelona to become Programme Manager at the ”la Caixa” Foundation. After a little over six years at the Institute, she has moved on to run the international PhD Programme (INPhINIT) that the Foundation—an established partner of many activities launched by IRB Barcelona—is currently setting up. A specialist in Human Resources and Tourism, Patricia also combined her career at IRB Barcelona with postgraduate training in Human Resources and Management, a qualification she obtained in 2016.

At the...

27 Mai 2016

How well does IRB Barcelona fare in addressing its employees' expectations when it comes to gender equality, inclusion and diversity? To answer this crucial question, a working group has been set up at the Institute. Its goal is to pave the way for the implementation of gender equality and diversity procedures and policies for all employees.

Histopathology Core Facility Manager Neus Prats is leading this working group. The group will soon give way to a proper Equality and Diversity Committee that will include members representing all IRB Barcelona's communities. The group currently includes Head of...