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El futur de la biomedicina comença aquí

Despertar vocacions científiques és una de les missions de l'IRB Barcelona. Les nostres alumnes del programa A Future in Biomedicine en són un clar exemple.

“At IRB Barcelona I have met people who are truly passionate about science,” says Jordi Coste

After spending three years as a Visiting Student in the Complex Metabolic Diseases and Mitochondria Lab led by Antonio Zorzano, Jordi Coste (b. Barcelona, 1993) is about to embark on new projects in the United States. This young scientist is leaving behind what he considers “a big family” at IRB Barcelona to pursue a career more focused on clinical counselling. But before crossing the pond, he has found time to look back on his years with us: “The Institute has helped me to improve my critical and logical thinking skills, and this will definitely help me in the future.”

A Future in Biomedicine: an “enriching, formative and constructive” experience

The students enrolled in the second edition of A Future in Biomedicine have just completed their academic year at IRB Barcelona. On 7 June, the five scientists presented the research projects they carried out at IRB Barcelona during their 8-month internships. While pipetting in the lab, they continued to study for their last year of degree at their respective universities. Enric Ros, who worked in Xavier Salvatella's lab, and Anna Ferrer, who joined Angel Nebreda's lab, talk to in vivo about their journey.