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“At IRB Barcelona I have met people who are truly passionate about science,” says Jordi Coste

After spending three years as a Visiting Student in the Complex Metabolic Diseases and Mitochondria Lab led by Antonio Zorzano, Jordi Coste (b. Barcelona, 1993) is about to embark on new projects in the United States. This young scientist is leaving behind what he considers “a big family” at IRB Barcelona to pursue a career more focused on clinical counselling. But before crossing the pond, he has found time to look back on his years with us: “The Institute has helped me to improve my critical and logical thinking skills, and this will definitely help me in the future.”

I still carry with me the passion IRB Barcelona sparked, says 2017 Alumnus of Excellence Marc Liesa

The 2017 IRB Barcelona Alumni of Excellence Award has gone to Marc Liesa, who obtained his PhD in 2008 in Antonio Zorzano’s Complex Metabolic Diseases and Mitochondria Laboratory. The award, established in 2016, acknowledges the excellence of former IRB Barcelona scientists and is given with the support of Eppendorf. Liesa visited the Institute on 5 May to receive the distinction. He talks about his science and shares some secrets of his success.


La pèrdua de Dnmt3a augmenta el nombre de tumors escatosos induïts per carcinògens

Investigadors liderats per Salvador Aznar-Benitah a l'IRB Barcelona investiguen el rol de les proteïnes Dnmt3a i Dnmt3b en la salut i manteniment de la pell i en el desenvolupament de tumors en ratolins adults.

L'estudi el publica eLife i ha merescut un eLife digest, article dirigit a una audiència més general.

L’intestí té una reserva de cèl·lules mare resistents a quimioteràpia

Es tracta d’un grup petit de cèl·lules mare passives – quiescents- que s’activen en cas de necessitat i tenen el poder de generar tots els tipus cel·lulars de l’intestí.

Les cèl·lules quiescents són rellevants en regeneració de teixits i per la seva participació en tumors.

El "Premi Alumni a l'Excel·lència" 2017 de l’IRB Barcelona és per a Marc Liesa

Marc Liesa va obtenir el seu doctorat al 2008, després de completar els seus estudis al Laboratori de Mitocondri i Malalties Metabòliques Complexes, liderat per Antonio Zorzano.

Aquest premi reconeix l'excel·lència d'antics científics de l'IRB Barcelona.

El jurat del guardó ha reconegut les contribucions de Marc Liesa a l’estudi de la biologia mitocondrial.

“My objective? To generate new knowledge, reach the limits, and fight against uncertainty and frustration”

After eight years, Francisco Barriga is ready for a new stage in his scientific career. He says that IRB Barcelona “shaped” him as a scientist and that he “learnt to ask the right scientific questions.” But he also got involved in many outreach activities. “Over the years, I have never met anyone who did not find what we do interesting. We just need to find the right way to talk about it,” he says.