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ERC Proof of Concept per combatre la resistència en càncer de mama

El científic de l'IRB Barcelona, Modesto Orozco, disposarà de 150.000 euros i 18 mesos per optimitzar i validar una prometedora eina terapèutica antitumoral.

Looking for the best

Part of the European Research Council’s reasoning for providing their coveted Starting Grants is to “provide top talent with good conditions at the right time to thrive.” For the team led by Fran Supek (b. Zagreb, Croatia, 1981), the right time has just arrived with the award of a Starting Grant worth 1.5 million euros of funding. His project, called HYPER-INSIGHT, was among the 13% of successful proposals of the 3,085 applications made to the 2017 ‘Starting Grants’ Call.