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“Girls take to the Lab” (“Noies al Lab”) teaches girls about great female scientists

A call to action: “Learn science and technology in a fun and participative way!” An objective: to foster the interest of girls aged 7 to 12 in science and technology through fun workshops. Activities allow girls to discover the world of research and innovation by learning about great female scientists who have made significant contributions to scientific knowledge. And three scientists: Lada Murcia and Celia Santos, PhD students with the Development and Growth Control Lab, and Teresa Juan, PhD student with the Structural Bioinformatics and Network Biology Lab. These are the three key ingredients of the outreach initiative “Noies al Lab” (“Girls take to the Lab”).

Getting ready to celebrate European science

The first ENABLE Scientific Symposium “Breaking Down Complexity: Innovative Models and Techniques in Biomedicine”, is gearing up to welcome more than 250 young researchers to Barcelona from 15 to 17 November. The Symposium is mainly organised by and for PhD students and Postdocs from four international institutes, including IRB Barcelona. Covering a wide range of topics, from synthetic biology to translational medicine, the event will involve eight high-profile invited speakers, 16 short talks and 100 posters presented by attendees, and will offer opportunities for career development and outreach initiatives.

Communicating science and having fun. It’s all about engagement

To increase public awareness of science, researchers are increasingly encouraged to explain what they do and why they do it and in the process they are challenged to break the stereotype of a scientist. But to be able to engage non-scientific audiences, the first step is to know how stir up curiosity about science. In April, Rachel Cruickshank, founder of Barcelona Fun Science, held a workshop using demonstrations and science-play sessions to reach adult audiences at IRB Barcelona.

Art and science: two complementary views of the world

At the beginning of 2017, IRB Barcelona launched its Artist in Residence programme, which aims to bring artists who have an interest in science closer to researchers, data and infrastructure at the Institute. By fostering interactions between artists and scientists, the programme offers new opportunities for inspiration and reflection on both sides. Anna Rierola is the 2017 Artist in Residence.

100 joves estudiants preparats per experimentar el Barcelona International Youth Science Challenge (BIYSC)

L'IRB Barcelona participa al campus d'estiu científic de dues setmanes (10-21 de juliol) amb el projecte "Drosophila melanogaster: un model per estudiar la malaltia humana".

La iniciativa està organitzada per la Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera en col·laboració amb centres de recerca de primer nivell de tot Catalunya.

Festa de la Ciència 2017: Un cap de setmana de ciència a Barcelona

Els dies 27 i 28 de maig, la Festa de la Ciència de Barcelona reuneix un centenar d'activitats científiques al Parc de la Ciutadella.

L’IRB Barcelona participa en l'onzena edició de la Festa, amb una microxerrada sobre la Medicina de Xarxes i dos tallers per al públic general. 

Els esforços en divulgació de l'IRB Barcelona reben una empenta en finançament

Durant el 2017, cinc accions de l'Institut per fomentar la cultura científica compten amb el suport de la FECYT.