IRB Barcelona is a self-standing, non-profit institution devoted to basic and applied biomedical research. It was set up in 2005 jointly by the Government of Catalonia and the University of Barcelona and is located at the Barcelona Science Park. The institute currently has more than 430 members (scientific, technical and administrative staff) from all over the world, who work across disciplines to advance research in the biomedical sciences.

How to apply: 

Applications for the above opening should include:


  • A presentation letter describing past and current projects (not more than 1.5 pages) addressed to Dr. Salvador Aznar Benitah
  • A full CV including a list of publications, techniques, and your contact details
  • And should be sent by e-mail to:, indicating the Reference: PD/20/15


  • Deadline for applications: 15/08/2020

If no suitable candidate is found, the deadline will be extended.  


  • Number of positions available: 1


  • Selection process:


  • Pre-selection: Will be based on CV, motivation letter, experience, management of research and innovation.


  • Interviews: Short-listed candidates will be interviewed.


  • Job Offer: Will be sent to the successful candidate after the interview. 
Open Positions
Saturday, August 15, 2020
Attached File: 

IRB Barcelona is seeking for a highly motivated Bioinformatician/Computational Biologist Postdoctoral Fellow to analyze genomic data for our group. The successful candidate will provide bioinformatics support to the team members to analyze the data generated.


The Stem Cell and Cancer group headed by Salvador Aznar Benitah aims at understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying the spatiotemporal regulation of adult stem cells in the healthy tissue, and how these are deregulated during ageing and cancer. To do so, we combine highthroughput genomic and proteomic data with in vivo models. The project is finanzed by "Impacto de nuestra dieta sobre el proceso de la metástasis tumoral" (PID2019-107583GB-I00 / AEI / 10.13039/501100011033).

  • Assist all members of the lab in the analysis of high-throughput genomic data generated in each project
  • To integrate large sets of data to better understand the role of transcriptional and epigenetic mechanisms in regulating the function of adult and cancer stem cells.

Must Have – Required


  • Degree and/or PhD in Bioinformatics, or extensive experience with bioinformatic analysis
  • Strong background in ChIP-sequencing analysis
  • Strong background in gene expression analysis (RNA-seq and microarrays)
  • Strong background in integration of large data sets
  • Experience in single cell RNA-seq analysis would be desirable
  • Highly independent, motivated, ambitious, and collaborative person
  • Good organizational and communication skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Candidate must be fluent in English




  • Experience in exome and whole genome sequencing analysis would be desirable


  • Working conditions: Employed in compliance with Spanish legislation and regulations under a full-time contract. Employees receive the benefits of the Spanish Social Security system covering sickness, maternity/paternity leave and injuries at work. Salary commensurate with experience and qualifications.


  • International Environment: The opportunity to join a prestigious international research institution and become a member of an established research group internationally recognized for its significant contributions on the systemic regulation and timing (circadian rhythms) of stem cell function in homeostasis and aging, how stem cell function is epigenetically regulated, and recently, for the identification of metastasis-initiating cells and how they are influenced by diet/ our administration team (only for Admin).


  • Continuous training in a high-quality environment.