IRB Barcelona is a self-standing, non-profit institution devoted to basic and applied biomedical research. It was set up in 2005 jointly by the Government of Catalonia and the University of Barcelona and is located at the Barcelona Science Park. The institute currently has more than 430 members (scientific, technical and administrative staff) from all over the world, who work across disciplines to advance research in the biomedical sciences.

How to apply: 

Applications for the above opening should include motivation letter, prove of being awarded a Ramon y Cajal Grant in the field of Cancer Genomics and a positive I3 evaluation, full academic CV  and should be sent by e-mail to: Reference: PD/19/09


  • Deadline for applications: 19/10/2019

When the applicants do not fit the requirements, the deadline will be able to be extended.  


  • Number of positions available: 1


  • Selection process


  • Pre-selection: Will be based on CV, motivation letter, experience, management of research and innovation.


  • Interviews: Short-listed candidates will be interviewed.


  • Offered Position: Job Offer will be sent to the successful candidate after the interview. 
Open Positions
Saturday, October 19, 2019
Attached File: 

IRB Barcelona opens a call for a Research Associate permanent position in Cancer Research at the lab of Núria López-Bigas at the IRB Barcelona (


The candidate must have a Ramon y Cajal Grant in the field of Cancer Genomics and a positive I3 evaluation. The successful candidate will be expected to coordinate bioinformatics-based research projects and co-supervise bioinformatics PhD students and postdoctoral researchers together with the PI. She/he is expected to work collaboratively to develop bioinformatics research projects, and to take a lot of initiative to start new projects.


The Biomedical Genomics Lab is a strong interdisciplinary and international research team currently formed by 5 postdocs, 6 PhD students and 2 software engineers, with complementary expertise in molecular biology, medicine, mathematics, computational biology and software engineering. The research team has unique expertise in the analysis of tumor genomics data. Recent achievements include (see references below): i) genome-wide identification of cancer drivers, ii) translational cancer research, ii) identification of chromatin features that interact with DNA damage and repair processes to affect mutational processes.

  • Coordinate all bioinformatics-based research projects in the group together with the PI
  • Co-supervise bioinformatics PhD students and postdoctoral researchers together with the PI
  • Write grants, projects and advance reports together with the PI
  • Draft and edit manuscripts presenting the results of the lab research together with other researchers and the PI 
  • Stay up-to-date with the scientific literature in different areas of cancer genomics and bioinformatics research in general
  • Design new innovative research projects along the thematic lines of the lab

Must Have – Required


  • Experience: A Ramon y Cajal Grant with a positive I3 evaluation. At least eight years of postdoctoral experience on cancer genomics research. Ample experience supervising Master’s and PhD students, as well as postdoctoral researchers.
  • Knowledge and Skills:
    • PhD in Bioinformatics
    • BsC in Biochemistry or equivalent
    • Cancer genomics (study of mutational processes, mutations distribution across the genome, positive selection on genomic elements, downstream effects of cancer driver mutations)
    • Bioinformatics (Common genomics analyses with deep experience using mutation callers, RNAseq analysis packages, and general purpose packages, such as bedtools, vcftools, etc)
    • Writing high-impact research manuscripts, grants and advance reports. At least 10 articles as first and/or corresponding author in Q1 Journals
    • Advance presentation skills
    • Participation in cutting-edge international consortia of cancer genomics






  • Experience:
    • Experience as a Research Associate in International environment.
    • Experience in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate university courses


  • Knowledge and skills:
    • Excellent command of the English language
    • Capability of co-supervising several research projects at different stages at the same time


  • Working conditions: Employed in compliance with Spanish legislation and regulations under a full-time contract. Employees receive the benefits of the Spanish Social Security system covering sickness, maternity/paternity leaves and injuries at work.


  • Training and Career: Postdoctoral researchers joining IRB Barcelona gain access to the Institute’s advanced research training and career development opportunities, all within in a competitive international environment. Courses and workshops on themes of particular interest to postdocs are offered regularly by the Institute.


  • International environment: Nearly 100 Postdoctoral researchers, most than a half of them are non-Spanish nationals, are currently working toward their research at IRB Barcelona.