What they say about us

Group Leader

«Inbiomotion is an example of how academic basic research can provide grounds to address an unmet medical need, making a step forward in the clinical standard of care using personalized medicine to prevent cancer metastasis.»

                                                                                   Founder of Inbiomotion

Alumni - Research Associate

«If you have good knowledge of science and the skills to organise and lead a team, you can do other exciting and interesting things besides research.»

                                                                Co-founder of Iproteos.

PhD Student

«The innovation course has been one of the best experiences during my PhD at IRB Barcelona. It gave me insights into business development in the biotechnology sector, encouraging me to do science in a way that I found particularly attractive.»

<p>Elena Sancho</p>
Research Associate

«Our project, Colostage, aims to prevent patients who aren't at risk of developing metastasis from undergoing chemotherapy treatments which can be costly, unnecessary, and very aggressive. Our test will really help doctors chose the best choice of treatment for their patients. At the same time it will lead to substantial savings for the healthcare systems.»

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Group Leader

«One of the parameters for where I wanted to work was how easy it would be to start a spinoff, Barcelona—and the IRB— seemed to be a great place to go.»

                                       Founder of Omnia Molecular


Research Associate

“From our study in Drosophila flies we can deduce that it would be particularly interesting to address vertebrates and analyse the participation of p53 in diabetes and obesity”

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Nadar Contra Corriente

«I believe we all have to make our contribution and help further science. I decided to take up one of the biggest challenges for a professional or amateur swimmer, namely to swim across the Strait of Gibraltar. And I chose to link my challenge to IRB Barcelona's research.»

Find out about the Swim Against the Current Project.

IRB Barcelona Alumni - Rare Genetic Disease Biologist at Agios Pharmaceuticals (USA)

“Developing your career involves support from your present and past colleagues. Preserving friendships and connections with former co-workers is a must, and the reason why an Alumni Network has such a great potential.”

Chromatin Biology Lab at IDIBELL (Spain) - At IRB Barcelona from 2005 to 2008.

“The Alumni Network can be a very powerful tool and it would be a perfect showcase for my research and for me to look for talent for my lab.” 

IRB Barcelona Alummni - Molecular Biology Lab Manager at the ESRF (France)

“Heading up IRB Barcelona’s Experimental Bioinformatics Laboratory was a great learning experience to work on a wide variety of projects surrounded by top quality scientists.”