On 14 July, Laia Piunxe Bekius and Míriam Condeminas, awardees of the 2019 call of the "A Future in Biomedicine" Programme—our placement programme for final year university students—presented their research work undertaken over the academic year in an open webinar addressed to the IRB Barcelona community.

Míriam Condeminas, who developed her work in the Structural Characterization of Macromolecular Assemblies group, headed by María Macías, gave a presentation entitled “NMR backbone assignment of Drosophila Melanogaster’s Deadhead Thioredoxin protein”.

Laia Piunxe, who undertook her research work in the Amino Acid Transporters and Diseases laboratory, led by Manuel Palacín, gave a presentation called “Generation of complexes with Nanobodies/ Megabodies to solve a new conformational structure of the BasC transporter”. 

The IRB Barcelona Academic Office organises an annual visit to the University of Radboud at Nijmegen (Netherlands)  as part of the “A Future in Biomedicine" Programme, to give the students the chance to learn about the Master’s in Molecular Mechanisms of Disease and to get to know their facilities and academic staff. In this context, Laia has been accepted for next year’s Master's in Molecular Mechanisms of Disease run by the University of Radboud, with which we have an active collaboration.

Get to know these extraordinary young female scientists and their groundbreaking work here: