A future in biomedicine

Start your science career at IRB Barcelona

The “A Future in Biomedicine” initiative is aimed at outstanding and highly motivated students in the last year of their degree. Students should show a strong interest in the fields of the biology, biomedicine, chemistry, physics, pharmacy, structural biology, computational sciences, and other related areas.

IRB Barcelona is looking for young undergraduate students enrolled in local universities who wish to carry out a research project at the institute from September 2018 to July 2019. The selected students will work with IRB Barcelona scientists on diverse topics addressed by the research groups at the institute. The students will be mentored by a senior researcher and will also have the opportunity to participate in the activities undertaken at the institute during their stay.

Best students of the programme will be preselected by the IRB Barcelona and invited to enter the regular Molecular Mechanisms of Disease MsC Programme selection procedure leaded by the Radboud Institute of Molecular Life Sciences (The Netherlands) .

We offer a total of five grants to carry out research with one of the following research groups:



Students will spend up to 20h per week in an IRB Barcelona lab during their last year of undergraduate studies (Academic year 2018/2019) upon agreement with the project supervisor at IRB Barcelona.

Awardees will receive a stipend of 200€ per month. IRB Barcelona will provide medical and accident insurance.

IRB Barcelona will provide students with additional complementary training opportunities.

The project supervisor at IRB Barcelona will provide the student with a reference letter upon completion of the programme.

Participation in the “A Future in Biomedicine” Programme does not imply any contractual relationship between the awardee and IRB Barcelona.

The “A Future in Biomedicine” Programme has been designed to encourage and further the education of young emerging researchers in biomedical research. The programme is addressed to students who fulfil the following:

  • Completion of at least 180 ECTS of a BSc degree in Biology, Pharmacy, Mathematics,Structural Biology, Physics, Biomedicine, Medicine, Chemistry or related fields by September 2017. Students awarded with there grants are expected to have completed the undergraduate studies by July 2019.
  • Enrolment in a local university. Exceptions for non-local students can be done if his/her study plan and university guidelines allow him/her to do an internship according to the specifications of this call. These cases will be treated individually.
  • Minimum BSc Average mark of 7/10
  • Good knowledge of English

Applicants will be evaluated on basis of academic record, motivation letter, as well as other criteria, such as internationalization, previous research experience, and letter of reference.

Candidates should send the documents listed below to phd@irbbarcelona.org before the deadline (see below), indicating “A Future in Biomedicine candidacy” in the subject box.

Documents required

  • CV
  • A scanned copy of the applicant’s certified Academic Record. These documents must show the grades attained in exam periods
  • Additional certificates, prizes, and recognitions
  • Motivation letter
  • A letter of reference from university lecturers or scientists with whom the applicant has studied or worked. Letters must be sent to phd@irbbarcelona.org Only letters with an official letterhead and signature will be accepted.


Applicants should indicate in the e-mail up to two research groups in which they would like to work—in order of preference. Moreover, if interested in a particular research group, they should make reference to it in the motivation letter. More information on the research activities of each group can be found on the IRB Barcelona website.

Referees must send their letters directly to IRB Barcelona to the address: phd@irbbarcelona.org. Only letters with an official letterhead and signature will be accepted. Candidates are responsible for ensuring that their referee sends the letter. Applications not accompanied by this letter will not be processed.

Applicants should submit information wherever possible in English (CV, motivation letter, summary of work experience). If the certified Academic Record is not in Catalan, Spanish, or English, applicants should also attach a translation into one of these languages.

  • 7 May 2018 - Call opening
  • 10 June 2018 - Call deadline and preselection of the candidates
  • 20 June 2018 - Deadline extended
  • End June 2018 - Notification of selection results and start of the programme
  • July 2019 - Reception of students' summary reports

Upon completion of the programme, each student is required to send a summary report to the IRB Barcelona Academic Office (phd@irbbarcelona.org) and to the project supervisor. Students will present their work in a seminar at the end of the period.




Call closed