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IRB Barcelona launches Fuck Cancer, a call to build public awareness and to raise funds for cancer research

Using the slogan Fuck Cancer, IRB Barcelona launches a campaign to raise public awareness about the brutal impact that cancer continues to have on millions of people and to remind everyone that biomedical research is the only realistic way to end this disease.

The slogan Fuck Cancer is inspired by the cry that many individual patients let out against this disease. Our goal is to amplify these cries and make them public.

This campaign calls for the collective mobilisation of resources to speed up the different lines of research underway at IRB Barcelona since 2005 aimed at understanding and bringing an end to metastasis, the cellular process by which the tumour spreads to other organs in the body. Metastasis currently causes 9 out of 10 cancer-related deaths?.





Metastasis is responsible for 9 out of 10 deaths from cancer. Research is the only way to bring this to an end. To stop cancer from killing, join the Metastasis Challenge!

Metastasis Challenge is IRB Barcelona’s challenge to bring people and organisations together in support of research into metastasis. The Metastasis Challenge aims to raise €5M to accelerate the different lines of research underway at IRB Barcelona since 2005 seeking to halt metastasis and stop cancer from killing people. More information here.

How much tax relief do you get on your donation?



80% + 25%

100% of all donations made up to €150 per year is tax-deductible.

FROM €150


35% + 25%

60% of donations after the first €150 is also tax-deductible.



40% + 25%

If you have been giving donations to IRB Barcelona for three years (the same amount or a greater amount), instead of 60%, 65% of donation after the first €150 is tax-deductible.

Other ways to collaborate


Help us go further!

Organise your own fundraising activity.

Turn your birthday, a family celebration, sports run, party, or work challenge into the perfect occasion to contribute to the fight against metastasis. Get inspired from these activities and create your own.


Online Store

You can now get official IRB Barcelona and #MetastasisChallenge merchandise from our store! All proceeds will go to support our research.



Your legacy gift will make it possible!

Would you like to build a better world for future generations?. Come meet our researchers at the IRB Barcelona laboratories and find out how we can make it happen.


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Support IRB Barcelona with a donation of €6 by sending an SMS to 38014.

Support IRB Barcelona with a donation of €1,20 by sending an SMS to 28014.*

*The full amount of the donation goes to the entity. SMS service to raise funds for non-profit organisations operated by Altiria TIC,, and the Asociación Española de Fundraising,, customer service tel nº. 913311198, Av. General Perón, 6 – 28020 Madrid. Collaborators: Movistar, Vodafone, Orange, Yoigo and Euskaltel