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At IRB Barcelona, we work to improve people’s quality of life through biomedical research. We aim to decipher the underlying causes of diseases and develop new ways of diagnosing, preventing and treating them. We have brought together a team of outstanding scientists and the most advanced technology to drive leading research projects in Cancer, Aging and Metabolism, and the Mechanisms of Disease.

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How much tax relief do you get on your donation?

For the first 150 €


75% + 25%

100% of all donations made up to €150 per year is tax deductible.

From 150 €


30% + 25%

55% of donations after the first €150 are also tax deductible.

If this is the 3r year


35% + 25%

If you have been giving donations to IRB Barcelona for three years (the same amount or a greater amount), instead of 55%, 60% of your donation after the first €150 is tax deductible.

State tax relief

Autonomous Community*

*Taxpayers who reside in Catalonia are entitled to 25% tax relief on donations made to university institutes, other integrated research centres or centres aliated to Catalan universities, and to research centres promoted by the Catalan Government or those in which the Catalan Government is a stakeholder. Such tax relief should not exceed 10% of the base subjectable to IRPF.