Barcelona BioMed Perspectives

Cancer and Metastasis

27 May 2015

From new therapies to personalized medicine. Toward cancer as a chronic condition


An event hosted by the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in developed countries. It is defined as the uncontrolled division and replication of cells within a tissue or organ that causes the growth of a tumour mass. Ninety percent of cancer deaths are caused not by the primary tumour but by metastasis, the process by which a few cells escape the original tumour to colonize and grow in distant organs. New knowledge and concepts, such as cancer stem cells, and new tools, such as immunotheraphy, bioinformatics, DNA chips and the development of sophisticated animal models, have provided valuable weapons to help us discover diagnostic tools and personalized treaments that are bringing us closer to converting cancer into a chronic, rather than lethal, condition.


This event will be introduced by: Xavier Pujol Gebellí, science journalist.




Elena Sancho, IRB Barcelona








Science today for the medicine of the future


27 May 2015, 19.00h

Free entrance

This event will be broadcasted live.