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‘Communicating your ideas with greater impact' The Art and Science of Engagement

11 Dec 2017

‘Communicating your ideas with greater impact' The Art and Science of Engagement

Monday, December 11 2017, Fèlix Serratosa Room

Time: 10:00 -14:00 h

We all need to communicate - to share our ideas, our work, our dreams. So how do you get people to not only ‘like' what you say but ‘love' what you say? How do you get the support you need to share or develop your ideas?  The truth is people give more money and support to ideas and people they feel emotionally connected to because it’s our emotions, not our thoughts, that drive our actions. “The essential difference between emotion and reason is that emotion leads to action while reason leads to conclusions”. Donald Calne, Neurologist

Richard Gillingwater, a UK brand consultant, will help us understand why people ‘buy’ not just products but ideas and people because of how they make us feel. How listening is an active form of communication, how by telling your story you can create deeper ‘emotional’ bonds between your ideas and other people. Bonds that mean you not only get warm applause but people's time, money and support. 

Richard works for corporate, educational clients and individuals to help them sell themselves and their ideas. He specialises in helping organisations tell their story, to attract and retain customers and raise funds. His talk is designed to inspire and inform us, but most of all to get us all out of our thoughts and be more aware of our feelings! 

A number of places will be reserved for IRB Alumni.

Richard Gillingwater, Independent Brand Consultant, Fundraiser and Creativity Coach