Barcelona BioMed Seminars

Conserved roles of the Groucho co-repressor and its human orthologs in Ras/Erk signaling

18 Oct 2017

Speaker: Professor Zeev Paroush. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem School of Medicine-IMRIC-Developmental Biology and Cancer Research


Organizer: IRB Barcelona
Date: Wednesday, 18 October 2017, 15.00h
Place: Aula Felix Serratosa, Parc Científic de Barcelona, Spain

Host:  Gerardo Jimenez, IBMB-CSIC & Marco Milán, IRB Barcelona



In Drosophila, the global co-repressor Groucho mediates default repression downstream of the EGFR and other RTK signaling cascades, inhibiting the expression of multiple pathway target genes in the absence of signaling. Once RTK-mediated signal transduction is triggered, however, Groucho undergoes phosphorylation by activated MAPK/Erk, a modification that overrides its repressor function and subsequently leads to the induction of RTK pathway targets. In my seminar I will present evidence suggesting that this regulatory mode of Groucho-dependent repression has been evolutionarily conserved from invertebrates to humans, and that Erk-mediated phosphorylation of the human Groucho orthologs down-regulates their repressor activity as a necessary step for the transcriptional and phenotypic outputs of Ras/Erk signaling.

Cell and Developmental Biology Programme Seminar