Barcelona BioMed Workshop

High Content Imaging Workshop: Interface Screening and Image Processing

30 Nov 2010

Date: Tuesday, November 30, 10-12h

Torre I, Sala 4

Organized by IRB Barcelona's Advanced Digital Microscopy Facility in collaboration with CYTOO and Leica Microsystems.

  • How to estimate the number of cells required to produce a statistically relevant fluorescence microscopy experiment?
  • How to acquire only relevant cells & optimize the acquisition workflow?
  • How to analyze large amount of data?

The workshop will demonstrate the cutting edge tools available at IRB that help to address these questions.

High Content Imaging (HCI) increasingly integrates into high-end light microscopy systems to offer imaging on very large populations of cells in a fully automated manner. The Leica HCS A acquisition software now allows to perform HCI with the SP5 confocal, and thanks to its CAM interface, the screening experiment can now be remote controlled from other software packages. For example, image analysis can be integrated to command new positions for acquisition, e.g. allowing secondary scans at higher resolution or detection of rare events.

Custom Image Analysis (with ImageJ macro language) can be targeted to answer specific questions with high throughput by quantifying large numbers of images, and select relevant samples to provide feedback to the secondary acquisition.

In combination with CYTOO adhesive micropatterns that allow to control cells' position, shape and internal organization, HCI becomes highly efficient and produces statistically reliable and robust results, together with new protocols for high throughput analysis.


  • By Constantin Nelep (CYTOO Cell Architects)
  • Juan Monteagudo (Leica Microsystems)
  • Julien Colombelli (ADM - IRB Barcelona)

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