Barcelona BioMed Perspectives

Neurological diseases

29 Sep 2015

An ambulance for the brain


An event hosted by the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona




One of the main obstacles preventing the treatment of diseases that affect the brain is the blood-brain barrier, a membrane that serves to protect the brain from viruses, microbes and other dangerous elements. This barrier is the reason why many treatments for disorders that affect the central nervous system often fail. In the last 50 years, very few research projects have led to the discovery of new drugs to treat diseases that affect the brain. The incidence of some of these incurable diseases, such as Alzheimer's, is growing at unprecedented rates in developed societies. A recent innovative study offers a way to overcome the obstacle of the blood-brain barrier, thus allowing therapeutic molecules to reach the brain.


The event will be introduced by: Xavier Duran, science journalist, TV3.




Ernest Giralt, IRB Barcelona











Science today for the medicine of tomorrow

29 September 2015, 19.00h


Free entrance