Past Events

15 Feb 2019

SpeakerHenrik Oster, PhD Director, Institute of Neurobiology - Center of Brain, Behavior & Metabolism - University of Lübeck – Germany

8 Feb 2019

Speaker: Biola M. Javierre, PhD - Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute (IJC) - IJC Building, Campus ICO-Germans Trias i Pujol - Badalona - Barcelona

7 Feb 2019

Speaker: Alexia-Ileana Zaromytidou, PhD. Chief Editor, Nature Cancer. Nature Research


1 Feb 2019

Speaker: Avinash Patel, PhD., Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden, Germany.


1 Feb 2019

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Patrick Aloy - Structural Bioinformatics and Network Biology - Mechanisms of Disease Programme - IRB Barcelona

29 Jan 2019

This session will cover an introduction to current techniques and the best approaches to perform a range of mutations in the mouse, including pro-nuclear injection and the use of mouse embryonic stem cells for gene targeting.

The second part of the session will cover the use of DNA sequence specific nucleases; The current state of the technology and it’s likely future development. 

Places reserved for IRB Barcelona alumni.

28 Jan 2019

The 3rd IRB Barcelona PhD Students’ Retreat aims to bring its PhD student community together to exchange experiences and knowledge.

Registration is now open!

16 Jan 2019

Title: Investigating the molecular basis that control sexual dimorphism in Drosophila tumors
Speaker: Cristina Molnar, PhD – Cell Division Laboratory

Title: The coordination of chromosome segregation and post mitotic nuclear envelope reassembly
Speaker:  Paula Escudero – Chromatin Structure and Function


14 Jan 2019

Title: A stabilizing role of side chain hydrogen bonding in nucleated Poly-Q Helices
Speaker: Busra Topal – Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics

Title: Structural determinants of gene regulation by TGF-β Smad-cofactor complexes
Speaker:  Radek Pluta, PhD – Structural characterization of macromolecular assemblies


11 Jan 2019

Speaker: Jordi Casanova, PhD - Development and Morphogenesis in Drosophila - Aging and Metabolism Program - IRB Barcelona