Since IRB Barcelona was officially founded in 2005, more than 800 scientists, students, technical and support staff have passed through our doors. Many have gone on to take the next important and exciting steps in their scientific careers in leading academic institutes and industries across the world.

IRB Barcelona alumni have several things in common -they have spent a significant part of their careers at the Institute, and many feel a special connection to it. Upon leaving, many have also found themselves setting up a new life, scientifically and personally, in a new environment -a task that brings with it a series of challenges and opportunities.

Together, IRB Barcelona alumni represent an important and growing group, equipped with invaluable expertise and experience. They have enormous potential to create a useful network of support for IRB Barcelona and for science and the scientific community in Barcelona, Spain and throughout the world.

IRB Barcelona is excited to announce the launch of the IRB Barcelona Alumni Network, a platform that aims to connect current and former IRB Barcelona research and support staff and provide them with a solid and lasting framework in support of their science and scientific careers.

Specifically, the IRB Barcelona Alumni Network will:

  • provide a directory and platform for continued contact between IRB Barcelona and its current and future alumni.
  • coordinate and promote programmes and activities that provide opportunity for scientific and professional development as well as social interaction.
  • provide continued access to IRB Barcelona training and services to the alumni community
  • recognize and celebrate the contributions of IRB Barcelona alumni to the international scientific landscape
  • raise awareness about IRB Barcelona among the international scientific community
  • ensure the quality and impact of future alumni by engaging the alumni community to contribute to identifying and recruiting future IRB Barcelona students and researchers.

If you have spent at least six months at IRB Barcelona, you are eligible to join the network.


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