Institutional news
<p>Raúl Méndez</p>
31 Jan 2011

The scientist from Madrid will study the regulation of protein production and its role in diseases such as cancer.

This new hiring will boost interdisciplinary research in biomedicine performed in the centre.

Scientific news
<p>Results of gene expression measured with the "Picoprofiling" method are similar to the results obtained from methods that use a higher amount of cells (WTA). PLoS ONE</p>
21 Jan 2011

Researchers describe a new method for the gene expression analysis of cells with a low abundance in organisms.

Scientific news
<p>Brain tumours in larvae of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster express proteins that are normally expressed in germline cells (in red). (c) IRB Barcelona. C. González.</p>
23 Dec 2010

Scientists at IRB Barcelona have discovered that some brain tumours in larvae of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster use the genetic programme of germline cells to grow. The removal of some of these genes leads to healthy brains. This finding demonstrates that these genes are crucial for tumour development. The study, headed by ICREA researcher Cayetano González, is published today in the prestigious journal Science.

One of the characteristics of tumour cells is their immortality, a property that allows them to divide without obeying external signals. As a result, tissue masses form, which, in most cases, interfere with organ functions. Data collected in recent years reveal that...

Institutional news
<p>Holiday Party</p>
22 Dec 2010

On Thursday 16 December IRB Barcelona held its annual Christmas Party, raising funds as usual for the Casal dels Infants del Raval. This organisation strives to achieve lasting improvements in the quality of life of children, young people and families at risk of social exclusion.

Through a charity raffle, IRB Barcelona raised 1,365 euros. In addition to this sum of money, several winners donated their prizes to this cause. The raffle prizes were generously provided by our suppliers: Bechtle, BERCU, Bio-Rad, Bowling Pedralbes, Caixa Catalunya, Durviz, El Corte Inglés, Eppendorf, Fisher, Hoteles Catalonia, IFR...

Scientific news
<p>Representation of the functional groups between proteins in Alzheimer's disease.</p>
16 Dec 2010

Scientists at IRB Barcelona and the Joint Programme IRB-BSC have discovered 200 new interactions between proteins that could be related to Alzheimer.

Scientific news
<p>Flies with wings of different sizes but in proportion. © Milán Lab. IRB Barcelona.</p>
14 Dec 2010

In studies conducted on the fruit fly, researchers at IRB Barcelona headed by ICREA Professor Marco Milán have revealed that organs have the molecular mechanisms to control their proportions. In this process the protein p53 plays a crucial role. The study is published today in the prestigious journal PLoS Biology.

The correct establishment of organ proportions, which occurs during embryonic development, is vital for the proper function of all organisms. Alterations in the mechanisms responsible for these processes cause fatal errors in embryos and even cause their death. In the Renaissance period, Leonardo da Vinci, in his famous picture of the “Vitruvian man...

Scientific news
10 Dec 2010

The protein DOR controls the maturation of adult flies depending on availability of nutrients

Institutional news
3 Dec 2010

The new programme will promote interdisciplinary research and mobility between scientists.

Scientific news
<p>Representation of the "filters" used in the computational strategy developed by the researchers</p>
29 Nov 2010

Scientists at IRB Barcelona develop a computational strategy to identify potential protein interaction partners regulated by Aurora A kinase.

Scientific news
<p>Image of a tumour cells with multiple copies of the Her2 gene shown in red. © IRB Barcelona. R. Gomis</p>
24 Nov 2010

Scientists at IRB Barcelona have provided new data on how certain types of aggressive breast cancer bypass tumour suppression mechanisms.