Institutional news
23 Nov 2011

The Ministry of Science and Innovation gives an INNCIDE award to the centre’s strategic technology transfer project.

Institutional news
<p>Cover of the booklet</p>
23 Nov 2011

This initiative is a practical course on cell biology that aims to improve science teaching in secondary schools.

Institutional news
<p>Opening session at the Icrea Conference, Network Medicine</p>
21 Nov 2011

ICREA invites experts from the fields of biology and pharmacology to
Barcelona to discuss modern medicine based on biological interaction

Institutional news
<p>2011 IRB Barcelona PhD Symposium</p>
16 Nov 2011

The Israeli researcher and another eight scientists from leading
international centres in biomedical research join an initiative that
will attract 170 international PhD students to Barcelona.

Institutional news
14 Nov 2011

As part of the 16th Science Week, which is being held this year from the
18th to the 27th of November, the Institute for Research in Biomedicine
(IRB Barcelona) participates in a series of scientific dissemination
activities organized by the Barcelona Science Park (PCB): open house
sessions “Come and do an Express Doctorate!” and the cycle of
scientific workshops “Do Research!”.

Institutional news
26 Oct 2011

Awarded by the European Research Council and providing funding of
around 2 and 3 million Euros over five years, ERC Advanced Grants are
given to a limited number of senior scientists.

The multidisciplinary project awarded within the category of
Physical Sciences and Engineering is specialized in chemistry and
computational biology, structural biology, biophysics, and
bioinformatics and will have direct applications in several fields of
biomedicine, such as the regulation of gene expression, and epigenetic

Institutional news
20 Oct 2011

• Current drug design is based above all on static “images” of target
macromolecules, a powerful approach but one that is not realistic
enough on occasions.

• New experimental techniques and computational simulation now
allow researchers to see protein movements at relevant time-scales in order to gather information about their function.

• Twenty international experts in several techniques will
discuss the future of the field in a new Barcelona BioMed Conference
involving 150 participants.

Institutional news
<p>Joan J Guinovart, IRB Barcelona director</p>
5 Oct 2011

The Severo Ochoa Award involves the allocation of four million euros to each of the eight institutes honoured with this distinction

Institutional news
<p>Roger Gomis (c) IRB Barcelona</p>
3 Oct 2011

Promoted by the scientist Roger Gomis, Supragen is the third spin-off at IRB Barcelona, the second founded this year

Institutional news
<p>Ernest Giralt (c) IRB Barcelona</p>
30 Sep 2011

Spain’s Ministry of Sciences gives the award in recognition of his
contributions to the design, synthesis, controlled modification and
structure of peptides and proteins.