Institutional news
<p>Visit of the president of the Government of Catalonia, José Montilla, at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine</p>
17 Jul 2009

The directors Joan J. Guinovart and Joan Massagué present the MetCentre
during an institutional visit by the President of the Government of

Institutional news
<p>University students of the programme "Spend de summer in the Park"!</p>
8 Jul 2009

This summer, IRB Barcelona laboratories will host eleven university students as part of the programme called “Spend the summer at the Park!” which is promoted by the Barcelona Science Park and with which IRB Barcelona has collaborated for since its onset. Directed at students in the second cycle of degree studies, this initiative aims to bring research closer to students from around the world by allowing them to participate in cutting-edge biomedical projects. This programme fulfils one of the missions of IRB Barcelona, namely to promote scientific vocation among young people and to enhance scientific training in biomedical sciences in a stimulating, pioneering international environment...

Scientific news
2 Jul 2009

Researchers at IBEC, IRB Barcelona and the UB identify the strategy used by enterobacteria to acquire resistance and pathogenicity.

Institutional news
<p>Joan Massagué (c) IRB Barcelona</p>
18 Jun 2009

The adjunct director of IRB Barcelona has been granted the award in recognition of his outstanding work in cancer metastasis.

Scientific news
<p>The crystal structure of the DNA replication initiator RepB unveils a ring helicase-like architecture.</p>
25 May 2009

The study, published in the EMBO Journal, describes the structure and functions of the protein initiator of gene replication.

Institutional news
22 May 2009

The researcher Jordi Casanova publishes an essay on how science today can help us to understand that way we are.

Institutional news
12 May 2009

The business sector in southern Europe will be the main beneficiary of the results generated by DIOMED consortium.

Scientific news
<p>Different stages during the process of amyloid fibril formation<br /> (A)Electron microscope images after 2, 6 and 21 days of aggregation <br />(B)Atomic force microscope images after 3 and 21 days of aggregation</p>
30 Apr 2009

This breakthrough is crucial as recent studies demonstrate that there is a correlation between the severity of these diseases and the intermediates formed during the process of amyloid fibril formation.

Institutional news
<p>Equipment of the Advanced Digital Microscopy Facility</p>
27 Apr 2009

On Tuesday, April 28, the IRB Barcelona/PCB Advanced Digital Microscopy Facility (ADM) will be officially inaugurated. Julien Colombelli, manager of the ADM, will present the new service at 12h in the Fèlix Serratosa Auditorium of the Barcelona Science Park. The presentation will be followed by guided tours of the facility.

The Advanced Digital Microscopy Facility, run jointly by the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona) and the Barcelona Science Park (PCB) will offer state-of-the-art services for both image processing, and data interpretation and presentation, including 2-photon microscopy, Spinning Disk Confocal, Total Internal Reflection (TIRF), laser based...

Institutional news
<p>Michael Snyder</p>
21 Apr 2009

IRB Barcelona and the BBVA Foundation bring together world authorities in post-genomics in a new Barcelona BioMed Conference.