Scientific news
<p>Localization of ROW (green) and WOC (red) proteins in the chromosomes. In the image in yellow, it is shown how both proteins localize in the same places.</p>
4 Nov 2008

Researchers discover that the binding of three proteins is required to activate the programme of genes that are involved in the development of the nervous system of the fruit fly.

Institutional news
<p>IRB Barcelona researcher, Eli Castellanos, in the last Edition of "Fes Recerca!"</p>
24 Oct 2008

Researchers at IRB Barcelona collaborate with the Barcelona Science Park and the Caixa Catalunya in the workshop called "Do research!", which is aimed at the general public.

Scientific news
<p>Image shows the structure of p53 tetramerization domain, where the complex fits to stabilize the protein.</p>
14 Oct 2008

The study performed by IRB Barcelona and ICIQ on the p53 protein opens up a new strategy for the development of antitumor drugs.

Institutional news
<p>Developmental phase of the Drosophila wing. Image ©: M Milán, IRB Barcelona</p>
6 Oct 2008

The development of organisms, the first step towards understanding human disease.

Scientific news
8 Sep 2008

L’aproximació de síntesi amb Reaccions MultiComponent revoluciona un procés encara massa llarg i costós.

Institutional news
<p>José J. Navas</p>
4 Sep 2008

IRB Barcelona Executive Board president main's mission is to boost research in biomedicine and health sciences in Spain. IRB Barcelona Executive Board president, José J Navas, has been appointed new General Director of the Instituto de Salud Carlos III (ISCIII) by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. His main responsibilities will be to lead and coordinate the activities of the ISCIII in order to advance research in biomedicine and health sciences in Spain, and to enhance public research recognition at an international level. The ISCIII, created in 1986, is a national public research and scientific support organization responsible for promoting biomedical and health science...

Scientific news
5 Aug 2008

Researchers at IRB Barcelona participate in Harvard University study, published in Nature Immunology

Scientific news
<p>Díaz, Osborn, Didion, Lois and Guinovart</p>
21 Jul 2008

Four women experts offer practical advice on how to maintain leadership positions in science in a Forum organized by IRB Barcelona and the BBVA Foundation.

Scientific news
<p>Jordi Casanova and Marta Llimargas</p>
20 Jul 2008

In Nature Cell Biology, researchers at IRB Barcelona describe a mechanism that governs adhesion between cells and therefore their capacity to move. The study may have implications in the fight against tumoral metastasis.

Scientific news
18 Jul 2008

The European Science Forum 2008 (ESOF 2008) will be held in Barcelona from 18 to 22 July.