Institutional news
<p>Francisco Barriga (left), Amelie Stein and Roland A. Pache will be attending the 60 Nobel Laureate Meeting at Lindau.</p>
23 Jun 2010

From 27 June to 2 July, five young scientists at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona) are to attend the 60th Nobel Laureate Meeting in Lindau, Germany.

Institutional news
<p>Eduard Batlle (Raimon Solà. IRB Barcelona).</p>
9 Jun 2010

His studies address the initiation and progression of colon cancer, one of the tumours with greatest incidence worldwide.

Scientific news
<p>Photograph of embryonic Drosophila cells showing cell nuclei (in blue) and microtubules (in green). They are all organised from the apical zone of the cells, which delimit the microtubules. (©Jordi Casanova Lab)</p>
31 May 2010

A group of researchers discover a mechanism based on two proteins that regulate the microtubule network formation in embryonic cells.

Microtubules are like internal cellular transport networks and are fundamental for processes such as the secretion of substances, and cell movement and morphology.

Scientific news
<p>From left to right and up to down, DNA structure movements that permit to get an idea about the mechanism by which DNA starts to unfold. (© A. Pérez)</p>
20 May 2010

This is a key process to understand gene activity and DNA replication, and to design drugs to modulate them in the future.

Scientific news
17 May 2010

The international conference “Towards personalized cancer medicine”, the XI Symposium of the “Fundació La Marató de TV3”, and the first “Talència Divulga” Award are held coordinately in Barcelona this week.

Institutional news
<p>Pau Bernadó</p>
7 May 2010

Modesto Orozco receives the Bruker Prize and Pau Bernadó the I Prize for Young Investigators.

Institutional news
29 Apr 2010

IRB Barcelona to participate in the BIO International Convention, the world’s largest biotechnology convention.

Scientific news
<p>Diagram of  Myc regulation by miRNAs. (c) Lab M. Milán.</p>
20 Apr 2010

The group led by Marco Milán, researcher at IRB Barcelona, discovers that microRNAs control the levels of the oncoprotein Myc in Drosophila.

Scientific news
15 Apr 2010

Researchers at IRB Barcelona discover a mechanism responsible for the orientation of asymmetric division of neuroblasts.

Scientific news
<p>Laminin and Integrin localization in scarface mutant embryos.</p>
9 Apr 2010

Researchers at IRB Barcelona discover a new component required for the structural maintenance of the epithelium.