Institutional news
<p>Ada Yonath with the IRB Barcelona students Diana Martínez and Duarte Mesquita (autor: Christian Ribas)</p>
2 Nov 2009

The Israeli scientist and another seven scientists from prestigious international centres in biomedical research come together in a pioneering initiative in Spain.

Scientific news
30 Oct 2009

Researchers at IRB Barcelona describe a new mechanism that allows the segregation of nuclear and mitochondrial genetic codes in Trypanosoma.

Institutional news
<p>3D simulation on the interaction between a therapeutic peptide and the beta amyloid fibrils formed in Alzheimer's disease (© Ernest Giralt, IRB Barcelona)</p>
22 Oct 2009

IRB Barcelona and the BBVA Foundation invite twenty international experts in therapeutic peptide engineering to a Barcelona BioMed Conference, which will be held in Barcelona from 26 to 28 October.

Institutional news
<p>Experimental workshops for the public, Do Research! (PCB)</p>
13 Oct 2009

Researchers at IRB Barcelona participate in the scientific workshop series “FES RECERCA” (Do research), which is addressed to secondary school students and teachers, and the public at large.

Institutional news
7 Oct 2009

Tuberculosis is one of the major health threats worldwide. Every year more than 2 million people die from this infectious disease, which is caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The lack of effectiveness of drug treatments because of the appearance of strains that show multi-resistance to new drugs has made tuberculosis a focus of international research to define new therapeutic tools against this disease.

Scientific news
<p>Two wings of Drosophila. While the smaller corresponds to the wild type version (non modified), the bigger one corresponds to a wing in which the Wingless pathway is hyperactivated.</p>
6 Oct 2009

The study provides further insight into how cells divide to form the wing during the embryonic development of the fly Drosophila.

Scientific news
2 Oct 2009

Researchers at IRB Barcelona publish a review article in Physiological Reviews about the changes in the shape and movements of mitochondria, and the human diseases associated with defects in these processes. This review establishes a new interface between cell biology and pathology.

Institutional news
9 Sep 2009

IRB Barcelona and the BBVA Foundation bring together a select group of international researchers who use the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster to study cancer.

Scientific news
<p>A section of a Drosophila embryo with somatic cells (red) and germinal cells (green). The left image shows a healthy context while the right shows cells affected by failure of the protection mechanism. Image: Jordi Casanova, IRB Barcelona</p>
3 Aug 2009

An IRB Barcelona research team discovers the mechanism that favours the correct separation of germ cells –future ovules and sperm-, from the rest of the cells during embryonic development.

Scientific news
22 Jul 2009

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