Institutional news
<p>Double-stranded RNA molecules trigger the sequence specific gene silencing response known as RNA interference.<br> Graphic provided by M. Orozco group (IRB Barcelona)</p>
11 Dec 2006

The topic of this conference won the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology this year.

Scientific news
<p>Graphic of the RNAi mechanism. IRB Barcelona</p>
28 Nov 2006

Just a few decades ago, ribonucleic acid (RNA) molecules were considered simple intermediaries between DNA, the protagonist of genetics, and proteins, the products of genes. RNA is now proving to play an important role in gene transcription and regulation, processes which are key to understanding how an organism develops and functions.

The study of ribonucleic acid molecules has provided many surprises, the most revolutionary being the mechanism of gene silencing, or RNA interference (RNAi). This discovery has had far-reaching repercussions in laboratories across the world, not only because the novelty of the mechanism, but also because it has enormous potential for clinical...

Scientific news
<p>Stages of metastatic progression (zoom). (c) Joan Massagué - MSKCC, IRB Barcelona</p>
21 Nov 2006

Although the ways in which tumours spread and cause death remain an enigma, recent studies have provided significant data.

Scientific news
<p>Poster of the XI Science Week</p>
10 Nov 2006

IRB Barcelona scientists will take part in the open day activity and in a game-like format presentation of a doctoral research project.

Institutional news
19 Oct 2006

The first of the Barcelona BioMed Conferences will focus on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and its role in drug discovery.

Institutional news
11 Oct 2006

The Head of the Oncology Programme has received the Debiopharm Life Sciences Award, given by the EPFL of Lausanne to young European scientists.

Scientific news
<p><i>Drosophila melanogaster</i> is a tool with great potential for research into human diseases</p>
26 Sep 2006

World experts meet in Barcelona to present the latest findings in cancer, neurodegeneration and drug addiction using Drosophila.

Institutional news
<p>Joan Massagué</p>
20 Sep 2006

IRB Barcelona's adjunct director is one of 63 individuals and 15 organizations honoured this year by the Government of Catalonia

Scientific news
<p>The MEL-28 protein ensures that a dividing cell maintains a proper nuclear structure.<br /></p>
5 Sep 2006

MEL-28 ensures that a dividing cell maintains a proper nuclear structure. The work appears in this week's issue of Current Biology.

Institutional news
24 Jul 2006

Ferran Azorín, Miquel Coll and Cayetano González will participate in the research projects, Epigenetics and Centrosome_3D