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3 Jun 2020

It has been almost three months without being able to have those we love close to us; without being able to feel the hugs that we needed so much and that we so needed to give. Which hugs have you missed the most? If, during these months, they had asked you "Who do you want to always have by your side?", who would you have thought about? 

In the IRB Barcelona community, we have some great stories to tell, like those of the people who are supporting our #MetastasisChallenge and allowing us to move forward together in the fight against cancer and metastasis. That is why today we are giving  faces and...

<p>Clara Morral, Postdoctoral Fellow at IRB Barcelona</p>
14 May 2020

Clara Morral is the first author of an article recently published in the scientific journal Cell Stem Cell.

The study identifies that protein synthesis is a key property for the regenerative potential of colon cancer cells.

<p>Kick-off meeting of the CALIPER consortium held in Thessaloniki (Greece) in January 2020.</p>
6 May 2020

Committed to fostering gender equality policies, IRB Barcelona participates in the EU-funded CALIPER to implement a Gender Equality Plan and thus fulfil gender mainstreaming as a strategy of organisational development.

In order to prevent gender discrimination in scientific institutions, CALIPER aims to promote a universal methodology that provides permanent support for gender equality.

<p>Up to down: Jordi Casanova, Montse Clotet, Álvaro Rol, Manuel Gris, Maria Rovira, Ignasi Belda and Miquel Duran.</p>
21 Apr 2020

This Sant Jordi will be unsual, but luckily we will be able to read good books. Confinement due to the state of alarm has left us a panorama of empty streets of people, book stands and stunning roses. It has been confirmed that the celebration of this day will go to July 23, which will allow us to celebrate it properly. In the meantime, how about celebrating it our way? This may be a good time to rescue some of the stories that have made us fly and travel to imaginary worlds that have made us smile when we did not expect it or that have even changed the way we see things. Maybe we have a brand new novel on a shelf or maybe ... maybe this confinement provides the right time and...

6 Apr 2020

At the end of February 2020, the media were reporting alarming news that warned of the magnitude of the tragedy that was about to occur in China as a result of the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic. Back then, it seemed a long way off, an outbreak that perhaps could be contained. However, emergencies of different types, magnitude and scope were gradually activated across the globe until the very images we had witnessed elsewhere took hold in Spain at great speed, shaking the foundations of our society and daily lives. The last four weeks have transformed the capacity of people, services and society as a whole to operate and adapt. IRB Barcelona’s mission is to respond to...

1 Apr 2020
“Working in the pharma sector was a progressive decision, but not something I had imagined at the beginning”.


Duarte Mesquita (Lisboa, 1981) joined in 2006 IRB Barcelona’s Development and Morphogenesis in Drosophila Laboratory, to undertake his final degree project in Biotechnical Engineering, mentored by Jordi Casanova and IRB Barcelona alumni Sofía Araújo. After doing a Master in Genetics, he decided to rejoin IRB Barcelona to pursue his doctoral studies at the ...

<p>Our Crazy about Biomedicine Alina Ulezko</p>
26 Mar 2020

Alina Ulezko Antonova (Almaty, Kazakhstan, 1997) joined IRB Barcelona in the 2014 edition of “Crazy About Biomedicine”, a mentoring programme addressed to secondary school students in their first year of baccalaureate with a goal to foster passion and vocation for scientific careers, organized by IRB Barcelona within the series "Crazy About Science" of the Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera.

When Alina finished her secondary education at the Puigcerver School in Reus (Spain), she moved to the US. She then received an Associate of Arts degree from Oxford College of Emory...

24 Mar 2020

A personal chronicle by Tanya Yates

The outbreak of COVID-19 is dramatically changing the way we live and work.  Following the recommendations made by the Spanish Ministry of Health to mitigate the spread of the disease, IRB Barcelona is one of the many companies that has embraced working from home or telework. So,for those of us whose jobs allow this flexibility, we now spend 8 hours a day in front of a pc at home. Great work everyone! But after our working day has ended, we are challenged by social lockdown, which implies that we should leave our homes only to buy food and medicine and receive medical treatment. Strangely, on day one of lockdown, in Spain you...

19 Mar 2020

The importance of your cover/ motivation letter should not be underestimated. Indeed, it may very well determine whether a busy Principal Investigator (PI) decides to read your CV.

Above all, before sending an application, do some in-depth research into the group you wish to join and tailor your application to the PI’s interests and needs. In this regard, it may be useful to get advice from people who know or who have worked with the PI in question. Use your network to your advantage. Knowledge of the PI’s work and personality may help you use the appropriate tone and to gain focus.

Cover letters are generally structured into different parts....

17 Mar 2020

2020 got off to a flying start for Jessica Vitos with the publication of a paper in PNAS addressing how cancer cells exploit the p38 protein to further their growth and division. Jessica, who did her PhD under the supervision of Ángel Nebreda, defended her thesis back in January 2018 and a year later moved away from the bench to join Ysios, a venture capital company.

Like many PhD students, towards the end of her training Jessica’s thoughts turned to the future. IRB Barcelona played a decisive role in defining her career path. “PhD students here learn cutting-edge science, have access to a great network, and can enrol on many complementary training workshops. One of the courses I...