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<p>Researchers can then take a picture with the new IVIS CT to spot the luminescent cells indicating tumours.</p>
11 Mar 2016

Top-notch science needs sharp minds but also cutting-edge instruments. IRB Barcelona has recently acquired key pieces of equipment that will ensure optimal results in areas such as metastasis and metabolic disease research.

By order of arrival, the first new machine that is making life of researchers like David Sebastian, in Antonio Zorzano’s Complex Metabolic Diseases and Mitochondria Lab, much easier is called EchoMRI Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Body Composition Analyzers.  The EchoMRI was installed in the animal house of the Barcelona Science Park). David, who had used similar machines in other laboratories, put forth the request to...

<p>Seán McCarthy is an expert on how to write competitive proposals for European grants</p>
11 Mar 2016

There comes a time in every scientist’s life when he or she has to face writing grant proposals. It’s almost impossible to hear anyone talking enthusiastically about the experience. Yet in vivo found one of these raras aves.

His name is Seán McCarthy, he has been a researcher, manager, group leader, and company director in the field of photovoltaic science in Ireland. But one day he experienced a turning point. “I was on a high when I wrote the proposals!”, he explains. And that’s when he realised he preferred writing proposals to being an active scientist.

McCarthy gave a highly entertaining lecture at...

<p>Salvador Guardiol holds a  “la Caixa/Severo Ochoa” scholarship from 2013</p>
11 Mar 2016

“I’m still enthusiastic. Just a bit less naïve.” Salva Guardiola, PhD student in Ernest Giralt’s Design, Synthesis, and Structure of Peptide and Proteins Lab, has just published his first paper in ChemBioChem. And in the life of a researcher, the first article is never forgotten, it leaves a mark the rest of your career.

The idea Salva and his colleagues had was to design and test a peptide,...

<p>Laura Nevola</p>
27 Jan 2016

After seven intense years in Ernest Giralt’s lab, Laura Nevola (Benevento, Italy, 1980) is ready to undertake a new challenge in her career. “It’s time to fly on my own,” she says.

<p>Emre Guney</p>
27 Jan 2016

Turkish-born Emre Güney (Izmir, 1983) joined IRB Barcelona in October 2015 as a Beatriu de Pinós Postodoctoral Fellow. Supporting the best young scientists, these highly competitive 2-year fellowships awarded by the Catalan Government allow them to choose the centre where they want to carry out their research project.

<p>Juan Miguel Cejalvo</p>
27 Jan 2016

Juan Miguel Cejalvo (Valencia, 1984), an oncologist trained at the Hospital Clínico Universitario de Valencia, has been selected to do his thesis at IRB Barcelona under the PhD for Medical Doctors (PhD4MD) programme. He has already joined Roger Gomis’ Growth Control and Cancer Metastasis group, where he will perform the basic research for his project. Aleix Prat, from IDIBAPS, will lead the clinical part of this project. Both Roger Gomis and Aleix Prat have extensive experience in cancer research, especially breast cancer and metastasis. Promoted by IRB Barcelona, CRG, IDIBAPS and VHIR, the PhD4MD programme seeks to train a new generation of physician-scientists in order to facilitate the transfer of biomedical discoveries to patients.

<p>Marc Ramis, IRB Barcelona Entrepreneur in Residence</p>
27 Jan 2016

The Innovation Department has launched a new initiative targeting IRB Barcelona scientists interested in strengthening their entrepreneurial skills. Called “Entrepreneur in Residence” (EiR), it involves hosting a highly experienced and motivated expert in bio-entrepreneurship. According to the Department staff, the programme “will support the development of a stronger entrepreneurial culture, the definition of best practices regarding the role of entrepreneurs, and the identification of new spin-off opportunities. We encourage any IRB researcher interested or curious about entrepreneurship to contact us”.

We met EiR Marc Ramis, a bio-entrepreneurial business developer...

27 Jan 2016

Manuel Serrano from CNIO was one of the ten invited speakers who participated in the IRB Barcelona PhD Symposium on 12-13 November. The event attracted many young and senior scientists from all over Europe and covered a wide range of themes. The next event of the series will take place in 2017.


<p>William Pardridge</p>
27 Jan 2016

This renowned Blood-Brain Barrier expert attended the Barcelona BioMed Conference in November