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25 Nov 2015

The medicine of the future starts here. Visit the Institute's proposal

<p>Xavier Ayala presenting the fourth "Vi per Vida" wine tasting in Calella, November last year (Photo: Vi per Vida)</p>
9 Nov 2015

The charity organisation headed by the sommelier Xavi Ayala, from Mollerussa, is to organise its 5th charity wine-tasting event for 450 people on 28 November in Calella.

For 5 euros, participants will have the chance to taste 6 wines from various DO (Designation of Origin) regions of Catalonia.

4 Nov 2015

Tomorrow, Thursday 5 November at 19h, Joan Guinovart will give a public talk on the keys to a disease that has become an epidemic of the XXI century.

<p>Detail of one millimeter of a mouse brain. In green, capillaries that form part of the blood-brain barrier; in red, molecules attached to the shuttle patented by IRB Barcelona have managed to cross the barrier and reach the brain. (B Oller, IRB)</p>
2 Nov 2015

It has been known for 100 years that the brain is protected by thousands of tight capillaries that form a barrier—a defence mechanism but also an obstacle to the use of promising drugs to treat diseases affecting the central nervous system.

Ernest Giralt: “This barrier is responsible for the low success rate of new drugs to enter the brain. We now have the strategies to overcome it.”

20 pioneering scientists present their latest research on the barrier and the breakthroughs in therapeutic shuttle transporters that target the brain in the Blood-Brain-Barrier Conference, an event organised by IRB Barcelona and supported by the BBVA Foundation.

One of the latest results is a shuttle based on bee venom developed at IRB Barcelona.

<p>IRB Barcelona received the news about the renewal of Severo Ochoa Award yesterday during its 10th anniversary celebration (Photo: IRB Barcelona)</p>
27 Oct 2015

Today the Ministry of the Economy and Competiveness has announced that the Severo Ochoa Award given to 8 centres in the first call in 2011 has been renewed for another four years

The award brings with it another 4 million euros (1 per year) for IRB Barcelona

23 Oct 2015

The National Bioinformatics Institute (INB) acts as the Spanish scientific node and coordinates the partner institutions. These comprises CNIO, CRG, UPF, BSC and IRB Barcelona

22 Oct 2015

On Monday 26 October, the “Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona” is to host an IRB Barcelona scientific symposium chaired by its director, Joan J. Guinovart, and the president of the External Advisory Committee, Joan Massagué.

The programme for the 10th Anniversary Symposium combines scientific talks in the morning and sessions addressing science-related topics in the afternoon—the latter including an institutional session with members of IRB Barcelona’s Board of Trustees, Health Minister Boi Ruiz (chair) and Dídac Ramírez (vice president), rector of the University of Barcelona.  This will be followed by two round tables involving high-profile public figures.

22 Oct 2015

The candidates selected in the first call of the advanced training programme PhD4MD for physicians have just joined the initiative

Over the next three years, they will carry out translational research projects and split their time between basic research centres and in hospitals

<p>Images taken from the virtual experiment developed by XPlore Health in collaboration with IRB Barcelona</p>
20 Oct 2015

This multimedia resource allows students to discover one of the lines of research pursued by the Colorectal Cancer laboratory at IRB Barcelona.

19 Oct 2015

2015 Prisma prize for best video for "doing away with the stereotypes of scientists, and for its originality and bravery" according to the jury