Noticias Institucionales

<p>Teixidó and Bayó, presented their antibiotic peptide project at the Haas Business School of the University of California Berkeley as part of a training programme in innovation</p>
30 Jul 2015

Meritxell Teixidó and Núria Bayó, researchers at IRB Barcelona, have completed the first stage of the LLAVOR (seed) Programme aimed to support innovation

The researchers recommend the experience “for 99% of scientists”

<p>Dr. Montserrat Vendrell, director of the Barcelona Institute</p>
20 Jul 2015

The appointment of the Director marks the launch of the new institute, a scientific initiative involving CRG, ICIQ, ICN2, ICFO, IFAE and IRB Barcelona

As of September, she will be responsible for promoting interdisciplinary research strategies, tech transfer, and international graduate training with the six centres that compose the Institute

The Barcelona Institute is one of the main scientific institutes in Europe and it seeks to contribute to strengthening the Catalan research system

14 Jul 2015

The European Research Council awards 45 scientists with grants to commercialize their research results

The grant, worth up to €150,000, cover costs of activities to verify the innovation potential of Nebreda’s ERC Advanced Grant-funded project

Nebreda will study new breast cancer therapies


<p>Logo Bioinformatics Barcelona (BIB)</p>
8 Jul 2015

BIB includes 25 organisations, among these universities, research centres, hospitals, large scientific facilities, companies, and others, in addition to 23 organisations that are currently in the process of joining.

The first governing board is formed by the chair Dr. Ana Ripoll (UAB), secretary Dr. Arcadi Navarro (UPF), and treasurer Dr. Alfons Nonell (Mind the Byte).

This association seeks to engage all the member organisations in initiatives and dynamic collaborations in advanced research, knowledge transfer, and training, in order to position Barcelona and Catalonia as an international reference in bioinformatics.

BIB will tackle the challenge of big data in the field of health science and agro-food sectors, such as for personalised medicine and precision agriculture.

The first of BIS’s initiatives has been the design of pioneering studies in Spain: the technical training of information technology technicians with an orientation for bioinformatics, which will be launched in 2015-16, and the first interuniversity degree in bioinformatics in the Catalan university system, expected to start in 2016-17.

<p>Adela Farré, Director of Communications, Marketing and Promotion of the PCB (top-right), and Miriam Martínez, coordinator of Spend the summer at the Park! (bottom-right), with the students (Photo: PCB).</p>
1 Jul 2015

The welcome ceremony to participants of the Spend the summer at the Park! program was held today, Wednesday, July 1.

The aim of this initiative –organized annually by the Barcelona Science Park (PCB)– is to bring research closer to students of any university in the world through their participation in projects currently being carried out in research groups, research centers and companies based at the PCB.

<p>Constitution of the Board of Trustees of the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (Photo: Ramon Vilalta)</p>
26 Jun 2015

CRG, ICIQ, ICN2,ICFO, IFAE and IRB Barcelona come together in this new institution.

The Barcelona Institute emerges as one of the leading scientific institutes in Europe, ranking fourth in the number of ERC grants awarded per volume of researchers.

Its Board of Trustees is formed by non-profits and renowned international scientists including Profs. Rolf Tarrach (Chair), Joan Massagué, and Ignacio Cirac, among others.

The Barcelona Institute will promote joint research strategies, transfer of technology, and graduate programs.

<p>"Career progression in science - Options beyond the bench" seminar, organized by the PCB and IRB Barcelona.</p>
11 Jun 2015

Over 60 attendees participated today at the 6th edition of the «Career progression in science – Options beyond the bench», held at the auditorium of the Parc Científic de Barcelona (PCB).

<p>Drosophila melanogaster is a valuable model for cancer research</p>
10 Jun 2015

In the conference Drosophila as a model in cancer”, to be held from 15 to 17 June in Barcelona, IRB Barcelona and the BBVA Foundation bring together a select group of leading scientists that use the fruit fly for cancer research.

This fly can be used to study specific types of tumour, ranging from leukaemia to brain tumours, and complex processes such as metastasis or the wasting syndrome (extreme muscle weakness) associated with cancer. In addition, Drosophila has proved to be an excellent tool for drug screening in vivo.

Nobert Perrimon is among the invited speakers. From his lab at Harvard, he has performed one of the largest screenings of molecules in flies in search of new anti-tumour applications of drugs that have already been approved by the FDA.

Special mention is also given to the participation of Sam Jackson, from the National Center for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research, a British organisation that promotes and supports the use of invertebrate models, such as Drosophila, for cancer research.

<p>Joan J. Guinovart and Peter Smits have signed collaboration agreements between the two organisations.</p>
9 Jun 2015

The two organisations sign agreements concerning scientific and educational matters.

<p>This is the sixth year that IRB Barcelona will participate in the Bio International Convention (Picture: BioSanDiego2014. Biocat)</p>
5 Jun 2015

The Catalan delegation headed by Biocat includes thirty-seven companies and 7 research organizations.