Noticias Institucionales

<p>José J. Navas</p>
4 Sep 2008

IRB Barcelona Executive Board president main's mission is to boost research in biomedicine and health sciences in Spain. IRB Barcelona Executive Board president, José J Navas, has been appointed new General Director of the Instituto de Salud Carlos III (ISCIII) by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. His main responsibilities will be to lead and coordinate the activities of the ISCIII in order to advance research in biomedicine and health sciences in Spain, and to enhance public research recognition at an international level. The ISCIII, created in 1986, is a national public research and scientific support organization responsible for promoting biomedical and health science...

12 Jun 2008

The coordinator of the Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology Programme at IRB Barcelona is an international authority on the synthesis and design of biomolecules

2 Jun 2008

Leading scientists in the field from around the world come together to address the challenges in the sessions ‘Grand Challenges in Computational Biology’, opened by Josep Huguet

<p>Joan J. Guinovart is congratulated by the Minister of Health, Marina Geli.</p>
28 May 2008

The "Acadèmia de Ciències Mèdiques" (Academy of Medical Sciences) confers the Josep Trueta prize to research on Lafora disease performed by Joan J. Guinovart’s lab

<p>From left to right: Joan Massagué, Harold Varmus and Tyler Jacks.<br />Copyright: Rafa M. Marín (Diario Médico)</p>
20 May 2008

Twenty-three of the most renowned scientists working in the field of metastasis come together in Barcelona, invited by IRB Barcelona and the BBVA Foundation. Among these, Tyler Jacks, Joan Massagué, Josep Baselga and the Nobel Prize winners Michael Bishop and Harold Varmus.

<p>Màrius Rubiralta</p>
15 Apr 2008

The IRB Barcelona principal investigator has been appointed to the post by the new Minister of Science and Innovation, Cristina Garmendia.

11 Apr 2008

Experts in systems biology, molecular pharmacology and bioengineering convene in Barcelona, invited by IRB Barcelona and the BBVA Foundation.

<p>Agreement signature</p>
7 Apr 2008

Today the “Fundación Científica de la Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer” (AECC)(Scientific Foundation of the Spanish Association Against Cancer) and the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona) have signed an agreement through which the Foundation will fund the cancer research project entitled, “Estudio de los mecanismos moleculares de la metástasis del cáncer de mama a pulmón: función y potencial terapéutico de genes supresores de metástasis” (Study of the molecular mechanisms of metastasis of breast cancer to the lung: therapeutic function and potential of metastasis suppressor genes). The signing of this agreement was done in IRB...

10 Mar 2008

Epilepsy, cancer, diabetes and depression are just some examples of the severe diseases associated with mutations in these proteins.

<p>Antibiotic by Omnia</p>
5 Mar 2008

The biotech company Omnia Molecular shared by IRB Barcelona, opens its new facilities in the Barcelona Science Park.