Noticias Institucionales

<p>Macrophages are key cells in the immune system. Among other functions, they remove debris, pathogens or foreign agents from our body. In the image, a macrophage (with nucleus in green) has swallowed fragments of dead cells (in blue)(c) Maria Serra</p>
9 Feb 2009

IRB Barcelona participates in a Genoma España initiative involving 20 research laboratories.

<p>Joan Massagué (c) IRB Barcelona</p>
27 Jan 2009

The adjunct director of IRB Barcelona has been granted the award in recognition of his outstanding work in cancer metastasis.

23 Dec 2008

Europe has given the go-ahead to researchers Ribas de Pouplana and Zorzano to head studies into malaria and diabetes, two diseases that affect millions of people worldwide.

<p>Joan Massagué (c) IRB Barcelona</p>
12 Dec 2008

Massagué has been selected to receive the award for his groundbreaking studies on breast cancer metastasis.

10 Dec 2008

Researcher Ernest Giralt will explain the importance of the discovery
of "green fluorescent protein".

<p>The red circles of the image represent the Unic Domain of SRC protein and show the flexibility and the space occupied by this region along the time.</p>
9 Dec 2008

IRB Barcelona will study key proteins related to the abnormal growth of the heart and arteriosclerosis.

<p>The activity includes a visit to the supercomputer MareNostrum, located in an old chapel © BSC</p>
4 Nov 2008

IRB Barcelona and BSC open up the Experimental Bioinformatics Laboratory to explain the research into the life sciences performed by the supercomputer MareNostrum.

<p>IRB Barcelona researcher, Eli Castellanos, in the last Edition of "Fes Recerca!"</p>
24 Oct 2008

Researchers at IRB Barcelona collaborate with the Barcelona Science Park and the Caixa Catalunya in the workshop called "Do research!", which is aimed at the general public.

<p>Developmental phase of the Drosophila wing. Image ©: M Milán, IRB Barcelona</p>
6 Oct 2008

The development of organisms, the first step towards understanding human disease.

<p>José J. Navas</p>
4 Sep 2008

IRB Barcelona Executive Board president main's mission is to boost research in biomedicine and health sciences in Spain. IRB Barcelona Executive Board president, José J Navas, has been appointed new General Director of the Instituto de Salud Carlos III (ISCIII) by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. His main responsibilities will be to lead and coordinate the activities of the ISCIII in order to advance research in biomedicine and health sciences in Spain, and to enhance public research recognition at an international level. The ISCIII, created in 1986, is a national public research and scientific support organization responsible for promoting biomedical and health science...