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<p>Participants in the round table 'The impact of cancer research'.</p>
26 Apr 2007

Big business, represented by Francisco González, president of the Fundación BBVA, and science, represented by Joan Massagué, adjunct director of the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona) met today at the Barcelona BioMed Forum, “Science, Economy and Society: invest in cancer research,” to discuss the future of cancer research and the role that big business can play in advancing biomedicine. The event, which took place in the Antoni Caparrós auditorium of the Barcelona Science Park (Parc Científic de Barcelona) was inaugurated by the Government of Catalonia’s Minister of Health, Marina Geli.

In conveying the Government’s enthusiasm to participate in the Forum,...

<p><p>Francisco González, president of the Fundación BBVA, and Joan Massagué, adjunct director of IRB Barcelona during a visit to the Metastasis Laboratory promoted by Massagué.</p></p>
19 Apr 2007

Gaining precise and sophisticated knowledge about the basic mechanisms of cancer and its transition to metastasis remains one of the great challenges for biomedical research. The enormous social and economic impact of the disease obliges us to explore “new forms of commitment” to accelerate cancer research, and its resulting applications in terms of therapy and prevention. This was the inaugural message of the first Barcelona Biomed Forum, celebrated today by the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona) and the Fundación BBVA (of the Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria). The event, “Science, Economy and Society: invest in cancer research” brought together scientific expert Joan...

<p>Centromeres (pictured) play a critical role in chromosome segregation and cell proliferation. their function is determined epigenetically by a variation of the histone H3. Image by Olga Moreno, IRB Barcelona</p>
19 Mar 2007

International experts on epigenetics will meet at the upcoming Barcelona BioMed Conference organised by IRB Barcelona and the BBVA Foundation.

<p>MELIUS project logo</p>
15 Feb 2007

The research project “Improvement of the translational prediction of non-clinical assays in humans" (MELIUS), coordinated by Neuropharma S.A., part of the Zeltia group, and which involves the IRB Barcelona research group “Metabolic engineering and diabetes”, headed by Joan J. Guinovart, is one of 15 projects awarded funding through the CENIT programme by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism.

MELIUS is the only project in biomedicine that will receive R+D+i funding through the CENIT programme. This project seeks to develop new tools to improve the prediction of...

<p>Double-stranded RNA molecules trigger the sequence specific gene silencing response known as RNA interference.<br> Graphic provided by M. Orozco group (IRB Barcelona)</p>
11 Dec 2006

The topic of this conference won the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology this year.

19 Oct 2006

The first of the Barcelona BioMed Conferences will focus on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and its role in drug discovery.

11 Oct 2006

The Head of the Oncology Programme has received the Debiopharm Life Sciences Award, given by the EPFL of Lausanne to young European scientists.

<p>Joan Massagué</p>
20 Sep 2006

IRB Barcelona's adjunct director is one of 63 individuals and 15 organizations honoured this year by the Government of Catalonia

24 Jul 2006

Ferran Azorín, Miquel Coll and Cayetano González will participate in the research projects, Epigenetics and Centrosome_3D

<p>Barcelona BioMed Conferences Poster</p>
29 May 2006

IRB Barcelona organizes the Barcelona BioMed Conferences, an international forum in which to debate cutting-edge research in biomedical sciences