Institutional News

<p>Màrius Rubiralta</p>
15 Apr 2008

The IRB Barcelona principal investigator has been appointed to the post by the new Minister of Science and Innovation, Cristina Garmendia.

11 Apr 2008

Experts in systems biology, molecular pharmacology and bioengineering convene in Barcelona, invited by IRB Barcelona and the BBVA Foundation.

<p>Agreement signature</p>
7 Apr 2008

Today the “Fundación Científica de la Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer” (AECC)(Scientific Foundation of the Spanish Association Against Cancer) and the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona) have signed an agreement through which the Foundation will fund the cancer research project entitled, “Estudio de los mecanismos moleculares de la metástasis del cáncer de mama a pulmón: función y potencial terapéutico de genes supresores de metástasis” (Study of the molecular mechanisms of metastasis of breast cancer to the lung: therapeutic function and potential of metastasis suppressor genes). The signing of this agreement was done in IRB...

10 Mar 2008

Epilepsy, cancer, diabetes and depression are just some examples of the severe diseases associated with mutations in these proteins.

<p>Antibiotic by Omnia</p>
5 Mar 2008

The biotech company Omnia Molecular shared by IRB Barcelona, opens its new facilities in the Barcelona Science Park.

19 Feb 2008

Otorgado por la revista Actualidad Económica y el diario Expansión

25 Jan 2008

The European Research Council has awarded Eduard Batlle a Starting Grant for outstanding young researchers

<p>Jose M. Valpuesta, Mariano Barbacid, Carlos Martínez, Bernat Soria, Isidre Fainé, Joan Guinovart, Miguel Beato and Josep Francesc de Conrado.</p>
9 Jan 2008

IRB Barcelona will allocate 4.9 million Euros to attract young talented scientists over four years

14 Nov 2007

Biologist Marco Milán, Drosophila researcher at IRB Barcelona, has been awarded the EMBO Young Investigator Programme, given by the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) to promising young European scientists for their early career excellence. The programme has been identifying and supporting on an annual basis some of the brightest young researchers in Europe since 2000.

<p>FEBS Secretary General Elect, Isarel Pecht, presents Joan Guinovart with the <i>Diplome D'Honneur</i></p>
9 Jul 2007

IRB Barcelona director, Joan J. Guinovart, was awarded today the Federation of European Biochemical Societies' (FEBS) Diplome d'Honneur, in recognition of Guinovart's contributions to the advancement of science in Europe. "I am deeply grateful to FEBS for this honour, which holds particular meaning for me." Guinovart received the award during the inaugural ceremony of FEBS' annual congress, held this year in Vienna, Austria.

Joan J. Guinovart has been director of IRB Barcelona since its foundation, and is president of the Confederation of Spanish Scientific Societies (COSCE), an initiative launched in 2004 to promote scientific and technological development in Spain...