IRB Barcelona scientists hit the dance floor again

Doing scientific experiments day-in-day out requires concentration, dedication and patience. Some days you’ll make a discovery, but most days you won’t. Most scientists would agree that they spend most of their waking hours thinking in some way or another about their research. But they would probably also agree that the best ideas often come to them when they are not.

Last July, a group of IRB Barcelona researchers were invited to take part in a special television programme focussing on dance, produced for a local Catalan network. The goal of the exercise was to explore dance as a form of ‘escape’, to break from the daily structured, protocolled and analytical work of science… and see what happens.

Under the expert guidance of choreographer Pere Faure, our scientists transformed the hallways of IRB Barcelona into a disco for an afternoon, and escaped from their normal routine. Along the way, they provided a unique glimpse into what happens inside research labs, and how scientists approach their daily challenges at the bench.

Many thanks to our scientists who took time out to appear in the show:
Ainoa Olza, Sanja Zivanovic, Lorena Gonzalez, Adam Carrera, Marta Vilaseca, Ferran Muiños, Sabarinathan Radhakrishnan and Marc Guiu.

This is the second opportunity that IRB Barcelona scientists have had to demonstrate their dancing prowress. In 2014 they achieved substantial notoriety in the viral video “Scientists at IRB Barcelona dance for cancer, Alzheimer’s and diabetes research”.

“Ballar i evadir-se” aired on Canal33 on January 23 at 22h00. Watch the programme on demand here: