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<p>The localization of CenH3 protein in the centromere (upper panel) becomes inespecific along the chromosome (lower panel) when its regulated degradation is unpaired.</p>
25 Aug 2011

Researchers at IRB Barcelona discover a crucial mechanism controlling the segregation of genetic material from parent to daughter cells. A finely tuned process of degradation tightly regulates CenH3 protein levels to ensure the correct function of the cell division machinery in Drosophila.

<p>3D representation of the protein complex necessary for the activation of pho regulon genes in E. coli. The RNA polymerase protein (RNAP) binds to the transcriptional activator PhoB.</p>
9 Aug 2011

The use of crystallography allows us to 'see' the regulation of gene expression in bacteria.

<p>Healthy intestinal crypts (upper image) maintain different cell types in their compartments. Cells located at the bottom of the crypt (lower image) in which ADAM10 is blocked (lower image) migrate to the upper cell compartment (cells in dark brown)</p>
1 Aug 2011

Researchers at IRB Barcelona describe the molecular mechanisms that define distinct territories in the intestinal epithelium.

These molecular mechanisms could be highly relevant in the development of malignant tumors.

<p>The boundary between dorsal (D) and ventral (V) cell populations is smooth in wild type wing primordia (upper panel) and wiggly upon ectopic expression of bantam miRNA (bottom panel).</p>
28 Jul 2011

Two quests, one looking into adhesion molecules to gain insight into compartmentalization in the Drosophila wing and the other aiming to discover how the cytoskeleton contributes to the development of compartment boundaries are now linked by a single microRNA, bentam.

22 Jul 2011

These research results could revolutionize reproductive medicine and human stem cell studies.

<p>Functional myocardium (S) from a normal mouse embryo (left). The absence of p38&#945. and p38&#946. proteins produces myocardium lacking the heart septal (right).</p>
22 Jul 2011

The proteins p38α and p38β cooperate during embryo development. This finding suggests that they may also do so in other contexts such as cancer and cardiac diseases.

<p>Hedgehog is present in the most posterior part of the wing primordium of Drosophila (blue)</p>
13 Jul 2011

Researchers discover a new mechanism for regulation of gene expression in growing tissues.

5 Jul 2011

Researchers at IRB Barcelona identify a new component that regulates the development of the tracheal system of the fly Drosophila melanogaster.

28 Jun 2011

Researchers at IRB Barcelona have succeeded in following the correlated movements of ubiquitin’s amino acids located far away from one another to transfer information across protein structures.

<p>Smad region (in blue) bound to the protein that causes its degradation after gene activation (in gray).</p>
16 Jun 2011

Scientists at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York and at IRB Barcelona reveal the mechanism of action of a protein that is essential for life and is associated with disease.