Noticias Científicas

2 Jul 2009

Researchers at IBEC, IRB Barcelona and the UB identify the strategy used by enterobacteria to acquire resistance and pathogenicity.

<p>The crystal structure of the DNA replication initiator RepB unveils a ring helicase-like architecture.</p>
25 May 2009

The study, published in the EMBO Journal, describes the structure and functions of the protein initiator of gene replication.

<p>Different stages during the process of amyloid fibril formation<br /> (A)Electron microscope images after 2, 6 and 21 days of aggregation <br />(B)Atomic force microscope images after 3 and 21 days of aggregation</p>
30 Apr 2009

This breakthrough is crucial as recent studies demonstrate that there is a correlation between the severity of these diseases and the intermediates formed during the process of amyloid fibril formation.

<p>Protein structure obtained with COCO. Image: Laughton et al.</p>
8 Apr 2009

A team of British and Spanish researchers have developed COCO, a computer tool to increase the possibility of modelling proteins using data derived from nuclear magnetic resonance. The study, which is published the April issue of the journal Proteins, seeks to contribute to the information held in protein data banks.

<p>Surrounding the nucleus of two fused cells, in red and green, the mitochondrias of each cell. The fusion and fission of mitochondrias (from the same cell or with mitochondrias from other cells) contributes to the correct functioning of these organelles.</p>
19 Nov 2008

They discover the relation between genes that affect the capacity of a cell to generate energy.

<p>Localization of ROW (green) and WOC (red) proteins in the chromosomes. In the image in yellow, it is shown how both proteins localize in the same places.</p>
4 Nov 2008

Researchers discover that the binding of three proteins is required to activate the programme of genes that are involved in the development of the nervous system of the fruit fly.

<p>Image shows the structure of p53 tetramerization domain, where the complex fits to stabilize the protein.</p>
14 Oct 2008

The study performed by IRB Barcelona and ICIQ on the p53 protein opens up a new strategy for the development of antitumor drugs.

8 Sep 2008

L’aproximació de síntesi amb Reaccions MultiComponent revoluciona un procés encara massa llarg i costós.

5 Aug 2008

Researchers at IRB Barcelona participate in Harvard University study, published in Nature Immunology

<p>Díaz, Osborn, Didion, Lois and Guinovart</p>
21 Jul 2008

Four women experts offer practical advice on how to maintain leadership positions in science in a Forum organized by IRB Barcelona and the BBVA Foundation.