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Cellular processes are regulated through the balance between different protein shapes that confer active or inactive functions to these molecules. In the complexity of cellular regulations, the preferred shape (or conformation) of a protein often depends on the binding of another molecule (called effector), thus implying that the same protein can exert distinct functions depending on the effector it binds to.

A  new  international  consortium  of  academic  and  industrial leaders in the field of cancer research is pleased to announce the launch of “PERSIST-SEQ”. This collaborative research program aims to provide the cancer research community with a new gold standard workflow for single-cell sequencing by developing and validating best practices as well as generating and analysing high-quality data.

Each tumour—each patient—accumulates many mutations, but not all of them are relevant for the development of cancer. Researchers led by ICREA researcher Dr. Núria López-Bigas at IRB Barcelona have developed a tool, based on machine learning methods, that evaluates the potential contribution of all possible mutations in a gene in a given type of tumour to the development and progression of cancer.

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