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Cristina Mayor-Ruiz

Former -
Group Leader
Research Group

Cristina Mayor-Ruiz obtained her PhD in 2017 at the CNIO (Madrid) under the supervision of Óscar Fernández-Capetillo, exploring mechanisms of resistance to genotoxic and targeted anticancer therapies. In 2018, she joined the group of Georg Winter at CeMM (Vienna) supported by EMBO and Marie Curie postdoctoral fellowships, where her research interests focused on different aspects of chemical biology and targeted protein degradation.

Selected group publications

Scholes, N. S., Mayor-Ruiz, C. & Winter, G. E.
Cell Chemical Biology
Mayor-Ruiz, C., Bauer, S., Brand, M., Kozicka, Z., Siklos, M., Imrichova, H., Kaltheuner, I., Hahn, E., Seiler, K., Koren, A., Petzold, G., Fellner, M., Bock, C., Mueller, A.C., Zuber, J., Geyer, M., Thomä, N.H., Kubicek, S., Winter, G.E
Nat Chem Bio
Mayor-Ruiz, C.1,*, Jaeger, M.G*, Bauer, S., Brand, M., Sin, C., Hanzl, A., Mueller, A.C., Menche, J., and Winter, G.E.1
1 co-corresponding; *Co-first authors
Molecular Cell
(75 )
849 -
Mayor-Ruiz, C., and Winter, G.E
Drug Discov Today Technol
(31 )
81 -
Mayor-Ruiz C., Olbrich T., Drosten M., Lecona E., Vega-Sendino M., Ortega S., Dominguez O., Barbacid M., Ruiz S. & Fernandez-Capetillo O
Genes & Dev
(32 )
568 -