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We strongly believe that scientific institutes have an obligation to inform the public of our work and to encourage an open dialogue about an area of science that is likely to have a huge impact on people’ s lives. Here are some examples of initiatives we take part in.

Do Research!

(Fes Recerca!)

A series of weekly hands-on workshops for students and the general public. Sessions are held several times throughout the year in Barcelona’ s iconic “Pedrera” building, and also in the Barcelona Science Park’s Open Lab.

Live Research Fair

(Fira Recerca en Directe)

A science fair organized in April in a Barcelona venue to showcase the latest research taking place in some of the city’s foremost research institutes. IRB Barcelona participates each year with a group of 2-3 researchers.

Science and Technology Fair

(Fira de la Ciència i la Tecnologia)

IRB Barcelona participates in an annual science festival open to the general public, held in the Parc de la Ciutadella in June. The fair offers more than 200 entertaining and informative activities that allow participants to experiment, explore and discover research and innovation of excellence being done in Catalonia, guided by the very scientists involved.

Knowledge Fair

(Fira del Coneixement)

A science fair organized in April by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and the University of Barcelona, and held in the city of Berga, with the aim of highlighting science and technology projects.

Kids’ and Family Day at IRB Barcelona

Each year, IRB Barcelona organises visits to the Institute for family members of our scientists and staff members,. We alternate each year between Kids’ Day, where we organize a science theatre and hands on experiments for the youngsters, and Family Day, for the older members of our families, which involves presentations of current projects and hands-on tours of the labs.

Barcelona BioMed Perspectives

'Science today for the medicine of the future' is a conference series within the Barcelona BioMed Perspectives programme, organized by IRB Barcelona and hosted by the CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona). Its goal is to provide insight into current research developments and the challenges facing our scientists today in order to discover the medicine of tomorrow.

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