Public engagement media mentions

<p>Roger Gomis, head of the Growth Control and Cancer Metastasis Lab</p>
26 Jul 2018

The biotechnology portal Biotech Spain has published an article about the award of funding from “la Caixa” foundation to develop the project "Metastasis Cell Fate Mapping", headed by Roger Gomis, ICREA research at IRB Barcelona.

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<p>Salvador Aznar Benitah leads the Stem cells and cancer lab at IRB Barcelona</p>
25 Jul 2018

The agency SINC has interviewed Salvador Aznar Benitah, head of the Stem Cell and Cancer Lab at IRB Barcelona, about his work at the centre, but mainly on the research he does on metastasis and its relationship with fatty acids: "In our research with stem cells, we found that some populations ate fat and had a huge apetite for palmitic acid (the main component of palm oil). When we prevented the cells from consuming fatty acids, we almost completely stopped the metastases, " said Aznar Benitah.

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<p>Fran Supek, head of the Genome Data Science group</p>
24 Jul 2018

Diario de Sevilla, Granada Hoy, La Sexta, Phys, US Weekly, among other national and international media, have published articles about a study by researchers led by Fran Supek, head of the Genome Data Science laboratory at IRB Barcelona, in which they developed a machine learning method to predict unknown gene functions of microbes.

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<p>Ayse Gül Süter, artist in the second year of the "Artist in Residence" Programme at IRB Barcelona</p>
18 Jul 2018

The newspaper Ara has devoted an article to the programmes run by institutions that seek to merge art with science to help the creative process of both artists and scientists. In this regard, the journalist interviewed Ayse Gül Süter, the guest artist in the second year of the "Artist in Residence" Programme at IRB Barcelona, who joined the centre in June.

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<p>Activated macrophage isolated from mouse intestine. Macrophage marker is shown in green, inflammation marker (iNOS) in red, and nucleus in blue. Author: Catrin Youssif, IRB Barcelona</p>
16 Jul 2018

La Razón, Al Día, Cope, Medical News Today, Medical Xpress, among other national and international media, have published articles about the research led by Angel R. Nebreda, head of the Cell Signalling and Cell Cycle Lab at IRB Barcelona. This study identifies a new mechanism that contributes to the development of inflammation-associated colon cancer and proposes new therapeutic approaches.

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13 Jul 2018

The weekly magazine El 3 de vuit interviews Joan Massagué, chair of the External Advisory Board at IRB Barcelona and cancer researcher on the occasion of the cancer conference "La Bisbal Barcelona New York" (with no commas, he stresses) at the Centre Municipal de Cultura (CMC) in La Bisbal del Penedès, which had a full audience. "I am pleased to see basic research bringing about solutions and treatments that benefit patients," says the cancer and metastasis expert during the interview.


<p>The picture shows cultured neurons prepared from brains of control mice (left) and mice in which the Nek7 gene is knocked out. The dendrites are overall shorter and less branched in NEK7 knockout neurons.</p>
29 Jun 2018

El Correo Gallego, La Sexta, ABC and Diari de Girona, among other media, published an article about IRB Barcelona’s research, led by Jens Lüders’ Lab, which identifies NEK7 as a relevant protein for the correct formation of neurons in the hippocampus, a region of the brain associated with memory.

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<p>Manuel Serrano, head of the Cellular Plasticity and Disease laboratory at IRB Barcelona</p>
25 Jun 2018

TV3’s "30 Minuts" has devoted a programme to whether it will be possible to extend life beyond the current limits, by slowing down or stopping aging as if it were a disease. For this documentary, they interviewed Manuel Serrano, ICREA researcher at IRB Barcelona, who comments on the process of senescence and zombie cells: "For example, if you smoke, the aging process accelerates and these zombie cells accumulate".

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<p>Salvador Aznar Benitah, head of the IRB Barcelona group "Stem Cells and Cancer". (Photo: Battista-Minocri, IRB)</p>
22 Jun 2018

"Longitud de Onda", a programme on Radio Clásica, has interviewed Salvador Aznar Benitah, head of the Stem Cell and Cancer Lab at IRB Barcelona, and Xavier Trepat from IBEC, about similarities between the composition of music and science.

<p>Tàndem Schools</p>
19 Jun 2018

El Punt Avui, Ara and El Mundo, among other media, have published an article about the closing ceremony of the Escuelas Tàndem (Tandem Schools) project. This initiative, run by the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation, has applied science as a core theme to enhance the innovative activities in the Montserrat School in Cornellà with the collaboration of IRB Barcelona.

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