Looking for creative ways to bring the excitement of scientific research to your classroom? Participate in IRB Barcelona’s regular science training workshops aimed to support life sciences being taught in schools! At IRB Barcelona we provide opportunities for teachers to learn about biomedicine, along with ways for them to bring current methodologies in scientific research into their lessons. In addition, we continue to develop educational resources to enhance classroom learning. All of this is done in an effort to cultivate the next generation of talented researchers and enhance public understanding of the critical nature of basic research for human health.

By joining our programme you’ll enjoy hands-on experience in cutting-edge research and have the opportunity to use the latest tools and techniques. You’ll experience scientific research first hand in the lab and an IRB member will serve as your mentor during the training. You’ll take home a number of new lab exercises and experiments for use in your classes. Use this opportunity to find ideas for bringing the excitement of biomedicine into your classroom!

Choose your own SCIENTIFIC adventure!

"Choose your own SCIENTIFIC adventure" is a gamified activity aimed at students in the last years of secondary school (especially 4th ESO and also Baccalaureate) to convey how biomedical research is done. Moving beyond the classical concepts of the school curriculum, we delve into the most procedural and epistemological part of research: how scientists acquire new knowledge, what questions they ask, how they answer them, what limiting factors they encounter, etc.

At IRB Barcelona we are convinced that introducing scientific methodology and thinking during formal education can greatly contribute to building a more critical and informed citizenry, regardless of whether students are heading towards a scientific profession. 

Although this activity is designed for students in the last year of secondary school (4th ESO), the methodology used could be applied to any other course by slightly adapting the content.

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Hands-on Teachers Workshops

At IRB Barcelona we provide opportunities for secondary school science teachers to learn about biomedicine and find ways for them to bring current methodologies and the excitement of scientific research into the classroom. Courses include experiments, practical lab activities and scientific lectures on cutting-edge biomedical topics given by experts in a relaxed and welcoming environment. These activities aim to get teachers working side-by-side with our scientists to produce educational materials that can then be taken back to the classroom and to create useful and lasting networks between scientists and teachers to the ultimate benefit of students.

The courses organised so far have involved nearly 50 science teachers from secondary schools around Catalonia and have focused on fruit fly research, and cancer, metastasis and personalized medicine. The courses are accredited by the Department of Education of the Catalan Government. The courses, which began as collaboration with the ELLS LearningLAB of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), are now running in collaboration with the Fundació Catalunya – La Pedrera Teachers and Science Programme.