A future in biomedicine

Start your science career at IRB Barcelona
The new “A Future in Biomedicine” initiative is aimed at outstanding and highly motivated students in the fourth year of their degree. Students should show a strong interest in the fields of the biology, biomedicine, chemistry, physics, pharmacy, computational sciences, and other related areas.


Spend the Summer in the Park!

(Spend the Summer in the Park!)

An internship programme for undergraduate students involving active participation in research projects at institutes within the PCB. Students are mentored by our young scientists.


The Maths4Life Summer Stays Programme is a new initiative designed for young students and graduates—especially those trained in statistics, maths, informatics and bioinformatics—interested in applying their knowledge to biomedical research. Over the three summer months, and for a minimum of 250 hours and beginning in July, the selected participants collaborate in the development of computational and statistical methods applicable to research in biology and biomedicine.

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