Biomedical Genomics news

11 Nov 2016

“El Temps” magazine publishes an extensive report about the research and public engagement activities at IRB Barcelona, including an interview with Núria López-Bigas, who recently joined IRB Barcelona as group leader of the Biomedical Genomics Lab. 

Link to El Temps

<p>Núria López-Bigas will lead the "Biomedical Genomics" laboratory (M Minocri, IRB Barcelona)</p>
28 Oct 2016

As of November, Núria López-Bigas, winner of the 2016 Banco Sabadell Foundation Prize for Biomedical Research, will join IRB Barcelona to continue her research on cancer using computational biology.

The Institute has also recruited Croatian scientist Fran Supek, who will launch his laboratory in 2017.