Design, Synthesis and Structure of Peptides and Proteins news

<p>Ernest Giralt (c) IRB Barcelona</p>
30 Sep 2011

Spain’s Ministry of Sciences gives the award in recognition of his
contributions to the design, synthesis, controlled modification and
structure of peptides and proteins.

9 Sep 2011

Iproteos has been a semi-finalist in the II Award for the Best Entrepreneurial Biotechnology Project, a technology transfer prize given by the Spanish Society of Biochemistry (Sociedad Española de Bioquímica (SEBBM)). The spin-off, which is promoted by IRB Barcelona –located at the Barcelona Science Park- and the University of Barcelona –through the Bosch y Gimpera Foundation, also at the Park – was founded in June with the mission to develop and commercialize a new generation of more efficient low cost drugs with fewer side effects.


30 Jun 2011

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29 Jun 2011

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