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<p>3D simulation on the interaction between a therapeutic peptide and the beta amyloid fibrils formed in Alzheimer's disease (© Ernest Giralt, IRB Barcelona)</p>
22 Oct 2009

IRB Barcelona and the BBVA Foundation invite twenty international experts in therapeutic peptide engineering to a Barcelona BioMed Conference, which will be held in Barcelona from 26 to 28 October.

<p>Different stages during the process of amyloid fibril formation<br /> (A)Electron microscope images after 2, 6 and 21 days of aggregation <br />(B)Atomic force microscope images after 3 and 21 days of aggregation</p>
30 Apr 2009

This breakthrough is crucial as recent studies demonstrate that there is a correlation between the severity of these diseases and the intermediates formed during the process of amyloid fibril formation.